6 weeks

Mackenzie is 6 weeks old! I can't believe it and holy cow so much happens in 24 hours over here it's insane!!

She has had 2 trips to the emergency room already, no worries though, a lot of false alarms. Good grief.
First, the doctor thought her umbilical cord was infected so he sent us there. We took her to Scottish Rite and the doctors there said she was fine thought my pediatrician was an idiot... i did too, so I found a new one. Then, my current pediatrician sent us there to check her jaundice. It was high, but I stopped nursing for a few days and it went away. Now she is fine and hopefully next week will be uneventful. She is so sweet and still getting more and more hair. I think its going to turn blonde like davids did, i noticed the roots today are changing. She started cooing and making little noises so I am loving it!
I'm back to nursing and have her on a 4 hour schedule: 6, 10, 2 and so on. The kids nap and go to bed at the same time so that is helpful. I am kind of regimented so I feel like structure brings peace over here. And we need a lot of peace...
We almost gave away our dog this week.....I know, we are the worst people ever. But, I talked Tim into giving Holly a second chance. She is just a little much sometimes... the other day she ran away and we had to spend 1 1/2 hours getting her back. Its just crazy sometimes with a puppy, newborn, toddler, and tim coming home from work tired! But, we are going to try and build a fence before the summer.
David has just been funny, no destructive behavior recently. Today, he told me he wasn't going night night until his stuffed animals closed their eyes. Then, when he prays every night, he always says...and God bless Santa. He has also started to do break dance moves when he gets really excited. He is finally starting to notice the baby and will ask to hold her maybe every other day, this is done with extreme supervision.
Overall, the balancing act of having a family is going pretty well. Although there are days when I am sleep deprived and feel like I am going to lose my mind, it is very fun and there is always something fun going on.
sorry, i'll post more pics....with everything going on i don't even know where my camera is right now!


One month!

Talk about time flying by!!! All of the sudden my baby girl is a month old!! I also apologize for the obnoxious background....I love Valentine's Day and our 5 year anniversary is almost here so I am feeling festive!! Tim took me out for my birthday Wednesday and it was our first time out without the kids!! We had a blast.
Well, having 2 kids so far hasn't been a walk in the park, but Mackenzie is such an angel!! She is only waking up once during the night, praise the Lord! Still, during the day she'll eat every 3 to 4 hours, about 8 diaper changes a day, working on her nap schedule, and nursing definitely takes a toll. I am supposed to eat an extra 500 calories a day and that in itself is challenging enough just to find time! She seems to be a pretty low key baby.
David loves her, but he is just at a difficult age right now....we just entered the 2's and sometimes they can be pretty terrible :( He is such a sweetheart, but can get into a lot of trouble. Time out works really well with him, but I have found its exhausting to be disciplining consistently.....but, you have to be consistent or it doesn't work. He is the busiest kid I've ever seen.... he goes full throttle all day (but does nap!) and I can barely keep up sometimes!
Let me just share a few David stories....
Took the kids to an indoor playground last week, David comes down the slide chewing gum, he didn't have gum when we got there....
We've been talking about snow....when I went to get him up from his nap he was saying, "SNOW!!!" and he had emptied a full bottle of baby powder all over his room and bed. The room was cloudy for an hour.
He had a Spiderman punch bag in the playroom, it is filled with water and air. He found the plug on the bottom and I heard splashing while I was in the other room. I walk in and he was dancing and yelling, "puddles!!!" My playroom was flooded.
Best for last...this is bad though. He got a hold of a bottle of fingernail polish and I told him no and to give it back. He started running from me and unscrewed the lid. I caught him, but before I could get the bottle he threw it across the den. An open bottle flung polish all over the carpet, walls, curtains, and don't worry, Tim's suit!!!! We got it all cleaned (and drycleaned!), but he got in big trouble that night.
Needless to say, it's very entertaining over here. A toddler and newborn are both equal the work right now! As crazy as it is, I love every second! They are both worth it completely.
As our routine is developing, I am hoping things will calm down a little over here since we are past the first month!



So, I'm trying to figure this whole 2 children thing out so I'll update later!!
But, my newborn pictures are in and they are on their way!!!

You can see them at...

go to proofing
password is "willis" all lowercase!!

We are all well and just adjusting to life with 2 kids!! My birthday is tomorrow so I'll have more pics soon :)

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