Our Love

November 14, 2000....Tim asked me out on our first date on HIS birthday!
March 6, 2004....We exchanged vows and started our life together
March 6, 2009.... 1 house, 2 kids, 1 dog, and 5 years of marriage :)

To reminisce I thought I would share the way tim proposed. He is super traditional so of course it was a surprise. It should be recognized again because of all the work he put into it!
So, Ode To Tim...

It was Halloween 03 and I went home for the weekend to see my family. I was bummed out because tim and i didn't have plans (he says I actually yelled at him)....I woke up the next morning to this...
My mom came into my room and handed me a red rose and card, it was from tim (hellloooo, bachelor!). The card told me to get up and get dressed and go to starbucks, i thought, how sweet! Tim has always been known for planning crazy dates so I didn't think anything of it. I showed up at Starbucks and didn't see his car. When I walked in, the man at the counter asked if I was Jennifer. I was kinda freaked out, but said yes and he handed me another card. It had a money for breakfast and a devotion for that morning on 1 Cor 13, the chapter on love. I immediately cried because he had always said he was going to wait to say i love you to the girl he was going to propose to. The card told me to go to Barnes and Noble after I was done....I was definitely suspicious at this point since he did not show up. When I got to Barnes and Noble, a cashier came up and asked if I was Jennifer....she handed me another card and a Bridal magazine!!! I freaked out because I had never bought one and wanted to so bad. The card said to enjoy reading and after I was done, to go to the "Gap" in the mall. Okay, it is one of my favorite stores and when I walk in ...someone greeted me, asked if I was Jennifer, and handed me a card. It had money in it and told me to go shopping and then to leave and go to the restaurant next door. I was dying to see him, but as I walked in I was greeted by 3 of my best girlfriends from high school. We ate lunch together, and cried, and they sent me on my next destination....the BP gas station. We also ate lunch next to the band Third Day...that was not planned, but I thought it was so I almost went up and talked to them! When I got to the gas station, I went in and they filled up my tank and told me to drive to North Georgia College. I knew exactly where to go... at the top of the mountain, near the entrance to the Appalachian trail is the most beautiful view of north Georgia. I drove up there, and at this point, dying to see him. As I pulled up there were no cars. I got out and then he appeared from the trail. I ran and hugged him when I saw him. He read me a letter and told me why he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, got on one knee, said I love you, and asked "Will you marry me?" OF COURSE I SAID YES!!! We had been dating for 4 years so we were both ready!!! You think its over....
A limo appeared and picked us up and drove us to Tim's parents house, I was greeted in the driveway by my dad with a huge hug, and 75 friends and family standing behind him!!!! Tim's dad is a chef and had cooked and thrown us a huge Engagement party dinner. I seriously thought I was arriving at our wedding with all the people there!
Needless to say, my proposal started at 7:30 in the morning and finally ended around 1 am. It was one of the best days of my life.

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