32 Weeks

I had my 32 week appt. today and had great news!!! The baby is head down and will be here in less than 7 weeks. I had an earlier ultrasound that showed I might need a c section because of the position of some things, but everything is perfectly in place and now I will just be able to wait and go into labor!!! She weighs 4 lbs and has lots of hair already....amazing what ultrasounds can show!! I am up to 18.5 lbs of weight I've put on and now I start going to the doctor every 2 weeks...
We are so excited to meet little Mackenzie and that she'll be here so soon!


Christ, My Savior

I am finishing up the book, Blue Like Jazz. We are reading it in our small group at church and I have LOVED it! I definitely recommend reading it if you have not. Its such a relevant book about Christianity for our culture. What I love most is the simplicity it brings in having a relationship with God. I like to keep it simple and especially when telling others what you believe, the author Donald Miller says this:

The message is that man sinned against God and God gave the world over to man, and that if somebody wanted to be rescued out of that, if somebody for instance finds it all very empty, that Christ will rescue them if they want; that if they ask forgiveness for being a part of that rebellion then God will forgive them.

This encouraged me.... Christ is relevant because he wants to not just be with you for eternity, but to give your life purpose and peace every day. I have hope because He is in control of my life....and thank goodness I'm not!!


Can you tell we have a 2 year old boy?

Here is our pumpkin carving for this year!!! We asked David what we should carve on it..... he was very insistent that a choo choo train was to be our pumpkin design!!! We had so much fun with him and he LOVES the pumpkin!!


Yahoo Farm and 31 weeks pregnant

Our playgroup took the kids to Yahoo Farm on Friday. We went through a pumpkin patch, on hayrides, pony rides, and a petting zoo! David had so much fun, he was a little unsure about the hayride at first, but then did not want to get off! Tractors became his new favorite thing that day.
I now start going to the doctor every 2 weeks!My appt. is next Thurs. where I will go and get a more exact date of when the baby will be here! Somewhere between 5 to 8 weeks... The baby is about 3.5 lbs and almost 17 inches long! Apparently, she starts her growth spurt and gains 1/2 lb a week! I am proud to say the nursery is almost done and look forward to posting some pics!!
Tim is back in town and we are in full mode to get our holiday shopping and baby stuff done. We just have 3 more people to get gifts for. I think I will start shopping early every year, it has been so enjoyable and we've found such great deals since we've had time to shop around! It's also been better with David because he is not quite the "shopper." We have to make short, planned trips to stores.
His tumble tots class has one more month and we are going to take a month off... It has turned into more of a tumble class for me trying to keep up with him!!


Apple Picking and Surviving this week...

We went up to the mountains this weekend to go apple picking, which is not very far since we're pretty much in the mountains!! The apple orchards are the perfect size for kids to reach the apples and pick them! David had a blast and probably ate about 4 apples alone just while in the orchard. It is definitely a tradition we are starting and was absolutely gorgeous.
Tim had to go out of town this week, and boy am I glad its his last trip until after the baby comes. Being nearly 8 months pregnant, I don't realize what a long day it can be when Tim isn't here to help me in the evenings. It takes me twice as long to just give David a bath just trying to bend over the tub and try to clean him! Also, David has become very aware now when Tim doesn't come home. The first night he was gone, David decided to rebel..... after a few loud noises over the baby monitor, I ran upstairs to check on him. Only to find him on top of his dresser. He had pulled out his drawers, climbed it, and wiped everything off the top of his dresser. Did I mention he was naked? He decided to pull his clothes off, diaper and all. On the verge of tears, I quietly cleaned up his room, dressed him, and put him to bed again. I think my silent approach scared him more and he went to bed quickly. My goal was to finish the nursery completely this week, but now my goal has changed to just not go into labor and make it until Tim comes home! Tonight before bed, David dumped a bunch of Halloween candy on my belly. I said, whats this? He said, "Baby Kenzie candy....share" (thats what he calls Mackenzie). It was so sweet since we've been working on sharing that he wanted to baby to have candy. Then he tried to feed it to the dog and still doesn't understand why she can't have candy too! Oh well...


Date Night and 29 weeks Pregnant

My mom called this week and wanted David to come spend the night with her Saturday! She wanted to give us a break and some time to go on a date and try to finish the nursury! We ended up having such a great weekend. Tim took me out Sat. night and we went out for dinner, ice cream, and shopping. Sunday, we worked on trying to finish the nursury and just relaxed until David came back home that afternoon! He had so much fun with her....who wouldn't?? She gives him everything he wants when he goes over there, not to mention they go to dinner and she takes him to toy stores! I feel rested for the week for the first time.....which will probably only last a few days! This is also me at 29 weeks pregnant and have packed on 13 lbs. The baby will be here anywhere from 7 to 10 weeks!! We can't wait!


Complete Chaos

This is my day that hopefully I will one day look back and laugh about....
It started out under control... me and david met my dad for lunch for his birthday! I came home to put david down for his nap and make 3 desserts for a down syndrome walkathon, a friends baby's christening, and for a dinner party all this weekend. I started to bake, when I got a phone call. FYI, my sister and I run a small business where we make and sell diaper cakes in stores and online, not a big deal. However, the phone call was from a customer today that needed to talk about her order. So, I step into the other room for only 3 minutes to not have a baby or dog in the background. It got really quiet and as I walked back out into the living room, Holly, our dog was running around the house with a bag of bagels and also one hanging out of her mouth. A second later, David was running after her with a handful of kitchen utensils that I cannot specifically name due to calls people might make to DEFACS. I hurriedly grabbed the utensils and all the food the dog was hoarding down her throat. David got really mad at me and ran to the table where I had a full cup of hot chocolate that I never got to drink this morning and threw it down the hallway. Hot chocolate soaked my hardwood floors. As I tried to hold this phone conversation together, David and Holly then began laying and playing in the hot chocolate as if it were a small pond. I ended the conversation quickly and cleaned everyone up. I started having labor contractions because of all the drama and had to sit down until we all calmed down. I get them frequently when I am on my feet all day. I then headed off to our dinner bringing all the baking stuff to finish my projects. The night ended with my mother in law dropping the finished platter of these on the floor shattering the cookies and glass. Needless to say, Publix made my desserts for the weekend and David fell asleep tonight saying, "uh oh, cookies..." I am going to bed so that nothing else can go wrong today.

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