these boots are made for walking

2010 has come in like a tornado!! We started out the year with a nasty computer virus! Lord only knows how, but Tim's brother Josh defeated this virus and we now have connections to the outside world!

Mackenzie had her first ear infection that lasted 6 weeks long and put us way too close to getting tubes in her ears. After 4 rounds of different antibiotics, a natural home remedy cured her completely. That is for another post, another time. Email me if you would like to know.

David is the happiest child in the world since christmas and has more toys to occupy him that he knows what to do with.

My birthday came and went and I got jewelry, money (that i am going to use and buy a dyson with.... i have lusted after them for way too long), boots, and a new camera. By camera I mean one that doesnt weigh 25 lbs, or have 3 lenses, and 12 buttons to push to take a picture. I am referring to Tim's camera. I got a point and shoot Canon Elph and LOVE it. Now maybe I can take more pics.

Big news is: our house is on the market. Has been for a little over a week. We want to stay in the same area.

Our goal : very simple: bigger house, cheaper mortgage.

That's it. And right now, we are hoping to strike while the iron is hot with low interest rates and cheap houses. That is, IF we can sell ours. We are in no rush though, but we do need more space.

So, pray we can get some buyers! The biggest challenge I think will be keeping this house "showable" with 2 little ones running around.
....and they are both running now!! With 2 mobile kids, life has been crazy!! They keep me on my toes, yesterday at the same time.... David ran into the garage and said he needed Daddy's saw and by the time I can running back in after him, Mackenzie was in the pantry eating Holly's dogfood!

I need another set of hands, eyes, and feet to watch these little crazies
Lastly, I have been slammed selling jewelry! I love it and I am having so much fun! Below is a necklace that I got for christmas!! A "D" and an "M" for my babies!! These are pretty popular, but I love how sentimental they are! They also make a great Valentines gift! You can check them out here, www.stelladot.com/jenniferwillis. Email me if you are interested in anything, I am giving 10% off everything for a little while! jennifer.willis@gmail.com.

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