Geez Louise

Let me preface this post. We are spur of the moment people.
The past 72 hours we thought about selling our home, had a realtor come over, and have looked at 5 other properties.
I guess to start it never hurts to see what's out there. Thats our philosophy (if we have one.)
So, here are some current real estate facts:
The market is flooded with foreclosures and short sales.
You CAN get up to a 14,000 tax credit for buying a bank owned property.
(Also, if you are a first time home buyer, which don't qualify b/c this is our second home so far, you can get an 8,000 tax credit as well)
Interest rates are crazy low right now, depending on your credit between 4.5% and 5.5%.

So, all that in mind....we thought it wouldn't hurt to see what our house would go for and move into something bigger and cheaper....crazy, right? Also, a better interest rate without having to refinance. We started looking because we are maxed out over here. We built it in 06 and it's in a really nice neighborhood and great school district. Those are the pros. We have a 3 b/2.5 bath. Vacancy full. My dining room is a playroom and our office has now become a corner in our bedroom.
So...... these houses have already sold that are listed below, but look at some of the crazy deals out there.....
Before you think we are completely unstable, take a look.

This one will just make you sick to your stomach. A foreclosure in the Kennesaw area. It was a 5 b/ 2.5 bath for 107,000. Ridiculous. Just ridiculous.

Another one. A short sale in the Woodstock area. 4 b/ 2.5 bath for 148,000.

Here is another one. Short sale in woodstock area. 4b/2.5 bath for 148,000. Crazy.

It is also a little depressing for us. We are in a smaller, more expensive house and could possibly break even, but could possibly have to pay out to sell it......which nobody wants to do!
I am not trying to be a snot. I am very content where we live, I just want to be smart. If we can crunch numbers right, why not take advantage of the market right now and get a better deal on a house??

I don't get attached to homes really.....I just want a good deal and practicality. We are big Dave Ramsey fans, so a mortgage is something we'd like to pay off and not hang out with our whole life. That, and I am also a little obsessed with real estate and the housing market.
So, we are between a rock and a hard place. To sell or not to sell......that is the question?? We shall see...

In other news, and in Tim's spare time ( I still can't figure out where this comes from), he started a blog for his artwork. I just love my man of many talents......now if he could just create a buyer that would come in and pay full price for our house....

TIMS ART BLOG: www.timwillisart.blogspot.com


The Meal that Keeps on Giving

The gift that keeps on giving!!

So, I really love cooking and unfortunately some nights it gets the backseat depending on how the day has gone. I have really tried to make meals that "stretch" and don't require a ton of prep work. Here are 2 of my favorites and I would LOVE to know any that you may have. They are delicious and so easy.

3-4 day chicken, i like to say "Bird's the Word" for this week.

Night 1.
Buy a whole chicken. Normally under $5.00 Tim's dad gave me these tips.
Wash and coat with salt, pepper, and fresh chopped rosemary (your house will also smell like christmas trees, fun)
Bake at 375 for about an hour.
Serve with veggies, bread.
After you cut up the chicken, place the "left over", or tim likes to call it the "carcus" into a boiling pot of water about 1/2 full for 30 min. Strain and add some chicken bouillon to taste. This is now a soup base, so refrigerate.

Night 2. Chicken Divan Deep Dish Pizza (thank you cheryl)
Use rest of chicken that you didn't eat for dinner (maybe 2 cups or less) and chop it up.
8 oz crescent rolls
2 cups broccoli, cooked and chopped
your chopped chicken
1/2 cup mayo
2 t brown mustard
1 can cream of chicken soup
chedder cheese (1 to 2 cups, depending on how much cheese you want)
Heat oven to 375. Unroll crescent rolls into ungreased 13 x 9 pan. Bake for ONLY 8 min.
Take out and distribute chicken and broccoli over crust.
In a bowl, mix mayo, mustard, and soup. Spoon evenly over chicken. Top with cheese. Bake 8-12 min.

Night 3. Chicken Noodle and Vegetable Soup
Take your soup base and add cooked noodles, a bag of frozen mixed veggies, and chicken (IF you have some left over from the whole chicken, if not just boil 2 chicken breasts and add in)

Other Fav....."That's a Spicy Meatball"....yes a dish, even though Tim calls me a spicy meatball all the time. Anyway.

You can either A. Buy a big bag of frozen meatballs or B. Make your own....they taste alot better. Basically we buy about 2 lbs of ground beef.....throw some breadcrumbs, onion, garlic, egg, s & p. Brown them and boil them.
Okay, second. Buy a massive can of crushed tomatoes and put some s & p, italian seasoning, a little sugar and let simmer. You have sauce.

Night 1.
Make spagetti and meatballs with Parmesan cheese.

Night 2.
Use leftovers and make Meatball Subs with mozzeralla cheese.

Night 3.
Use leftovers and make Meatball Pizza. Dough, Sauce, Cheese, and cut meatballs in half and put all over pizza.

Other updates:
Locks installed on all the doors over here. Willis lockdown is in progress. David furrowed his brow the first day and tells everyone now that "the door is stuck!!"

2 Questions I find myself asking Holly and David multiple times a day..
1. What's in your mouth?
2. Why is this wet?

We went to the Children's Museum of Atlanta today with my mom's group and had a great time. I thought I'd be smart and dress him in a bright orange shirt so I could keep tabs on him....great idea until 3 elementary school field trips showed up all wearing orange shirts. It was like trying to find Where's Waldo with David in that place.

I am getting excited about Memorial Day weekend!!! Any fun ideas? Please don't suggest the beach b/c I am done with that for now if you read that post.


What's NOT going on, really?

So, we have officially accepted that this is a hard stage of life... it may be stating the obvious, if you have read our blog. We both are doing what we love, so why is it so exhausting? with Tim working long hours and me at home with babies, we definitely never have a dull moment!

Here are the highlights of the past few weeks...


Okay, we are ecstatic about this picture! These are the cousins!! (me and my sis)
It's David 2 1/2, Micheal 1 1/2, Jonathan 3 1/2, and Mackenzie 5 months. David is not holding Mackenzie b/c....I mean really, do i need to explain? Anyway..
To get them all in a picture is a sheer miracle, this was our present to my mom for Mother's Day. The wait to get the picture was probably the worst part. Jonathan likes to push and David has started a new fun thing where he will "pop" people in the face. Not hard....he will just bring his hand about an inch away from someone's face and pop it. ???? I have no idea where he learned this, as we don't pop in the face over here. Anyway, as the boys ares shoving back and forth, David walks up and pops this random little girl in the face that was minding her own business. You better bet we found the nearest bathroom and had a "little meeting." My motto is still "Mama always wins" and "this too will pass." Anyone with parenting advice on this is welcome, clearly he is out of control. Micheal is at the age where if he is not in a stroller or someone holding him, as soon as his feet hit the ground he will take off as fast as his little feet will carry him. Anyway, boys are just wildness. Onto the picture...
The only goals were this: no tears and everyone looking in the general direction of the camera. Our photographer, however, was completely out of touch with this. She OBVIOUSLY did not have children. During the whole photo shoot she kept instructing us like this, "I need the 18 month old to tilt his head please" and "Can you please make your 2 1/2 year old position his legs more to the right?" and "the baby needs to lean back a little more." Finally, we were like, "Lady! They are all sitting still and you have about a 2 second window to take the picture before all hell breaks loose here!!" Good grief. Anyway, Happy Mother's Day Mom.

DAVID: he is my little buddy, a total mama's boy, and such a happy guy.
Ah, geez. I love this kid, but here 3 things I have learned about having a son so far....
He is:
1. Physical
2. Active
3. Loves his pee-pee (and thats for another post another time)
Funny things he has said recently..... He does great with talking and complete sentences, but he can't seem to shake these little phrases....
"Mama hold you." (when he wants me to hold him)
"I bark her" (whenever he plays with Holly and makes her bark)
"That's a Wood-cocker!" (what he calls the neighborhood woodpecker, funny on so many levels)
Aside from popping people in the face, I caught him giving Elmo a spanking the other day saying, "No, no Elmo! You get a spanking!" Oh,no.
Lastly, this picture of him with my dishwasher rack. I went to load my dishes and it was gone. He decided a better purpose was for his hotwheels. What kid # 1. Thinks of this 2. Has the strength to open it and take it out, seriously?

Still sleeping like a rockstar. She has become very "grabby." Meaning, I really have to watch what I am near when holding her. She will reach out and latch on to anything! But, even if I am careful with that, she locks onto hair, noses, or will grab your mouth. Such a curious little baby.
She found her feet, which I love! I love it when little babies hold their feet.
Lastly, I am still nursing (by bottle now b/c she eats SO slow), but she won't take a bottle from anyone but me yet.
However, we did start babyfood. She got into a fight with it, and it won :)


I am sure I have mentioned that Tim's dad is a chef! Well, here is what he cooked up for Jacob's (tims little brother) wifes graduation party! I mean, he doesn't mess around. See what Tim left to get married to? He left a corporate chef to come to my experienced cooking (not). I will always be in a lose-lose situation. I do offer to bring drinks or rolls though at family functions.



It has been great getting out and enjoying the weather! (when it's not raining, that is!) Needless to say, we have an uneventful weekend planned and I couldn't be more excited.


May Freebies and Deals

Click on these links!!

free KFC meal

free Shanes ribs, drink, and tshirt

pizza deals:
you may have to check you local stores, but here is what my locations have:
Carry out only!

Dominoes: Anytime Med. pizza :$3.99
Anytime Lg. pizza: $5.99

Papa Johns: Mon-Thurs Lg Pizza: $6, weekends: $7.99

Movie Rental:
RED BOX!!!! Most are at Publix, Kroger, or Walmart! Only $1, no late fees, and if you sign up for email, they send you free movie codes!
Some current movies to rent are: Marley and Me, The Wrestler, Benjamin Button, Bride Wars
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Okay, Rite Aid:

5/10-5/12 only: Free hair spray, styler, or mousse:

5/17-5/23 only: Free Wound Wash (great for your babies....or okay, me b/c i'm a clutz):

5/17-5/23 only: Eye Drops

5/17-5/23 only: Bayer Asprin for headaches

Okay!! Those are the deals :)

Latest things to note in my life:
He started calling me Jen.
He asks "10 more minutes?" anytime I ask him to do something....what a negotiater.
I cut the rubber off his "Paby" (pacifier) 2 weeks ago so thank God that thing is gone. He is over it now and tells EVERYONE that it's broken.
He got bit by a spider yesterday and his ear is tripled in size right now, can we say BENADRYL?

She busted out of her "swaddle" blanket finally so has learned to sleep without it.
She is so laid back I don't even know what to do with her. On Monday, she was tired and didn't want to wait for her bed, so she just curled up in the middle of the den and went to sleep.
Already has an attachment to a little pink winnie the pooh blanket.
Finally is pulling a 12 hour stretch (thanks to the baby food i make) so I hope to never see 5 am again!
Her 4 month stats:
14 lbs (75th percentile)
23 1/4 inches long (95th percentile)
100 % cuteness

okay that was lame.

Happy Mother's Day Weekend to all!



Vacation has 2 definitions: 1. A period of time spent away from home or business in travel or recreation 2. A scheduled period in which activity is suspended. The verdict is still out on whether we had a vacation or not.... Oh, yes....here's the story!
We decide 2 days before that we are taking a family trip to the beach! Tim's grandparents have a condo in Seaside, Fl. and we go almost every year! It was open this past weekend, so we packed it up and left!

Day 1- Load everything, was going to leave and pick tim up from work at 5 and head down. Get all babies in the car, try to leave....the car won't start, of course. I call Tim. He then begins to tell me how to try and "roll start" his car down the driveway since its a stick. And me, being the experienced stick driver and all (not) end up in the street with the car still dead. So, my 75 year old neighbor named Art comes over and begins to diagnose the car, great. Tim finally decides to just leave work and come home. Of course when he gets here the car starts fine and he said it was just a "fluke thing." We finally depart at 5 pm and what is supposed to be a 5 hour trip took 7 hours. Between nursing, taking david potty, and stopping to get a new camera since we left ours, we got there at midnight and put sleeping babies in the bed.

Day 2- Seriously. Picture Perfect. The only good day we had down there. Beautiful day, Mackenzie slept on the beach all day, David played with sand toys, it was amazing. We even got a tan.

Day 3- Well, we should have known how it started out it wasn't going to be good. At the pool that morning, David decided to take the new camera "swimming." So, I only have about 8 pictures of our vacation that were salvaged from the memory card. $60 outta pocket.
Then, for naptime David seriously started this "behavior." I can't even really describe it other than it was something I've never seen, just weeping and yelling....anyway, I put him down for a nap and he threw up everywhere. So, that was fun.
We decide to go to downtown Seaside instead and get some fresh air. We load all babies, and guess what? The car doesn't start...... and me being the good wife I am (ha) quietly got out of the car and took both children upstairs. I don't really think Tim and I spoke a lot, all I know is about an hour later I came down and him and the security guard had pieces of the car scattered about the parking lot. The guard let tim borrow his car and they just started replacing things: distributor cap, radiator cap, and spark plugs. Tim thought is was a piece called the main relay, but the store didn't have it. So, tim and the security guard hung out with the car while I dealt with our little meltdown and the baby. $40 outta pocket, car still not working. Deal with it tomorrow....

Day 4- Well, tomorrow happened to be Saturday and we could only find 2 places close by and open 1. Honda Dealership 2. Big 10 Tires....who by the way, when we called and told them we thought is was the main relay, they said, "Sure we'll fix her......remind me what the main relay does again?" We obviously decided to go to Honda and get raked over the coals. Yup, main relay is was. $220 outta pocket later.
We were now in Panama City b/c this is where Honda was. Lucky us, it was "BIKE WEEK" David was in heaven, but I was petrified for my life. There are some interesting characters that attend the bi-annual bike week in Panama City. Where we stopped for breakfast, some biker came in and ordered a Corona and piece of pie for breakfast. awesome.
We did have a blast at the beach the rest of the day. Mackenzie slept on the beach all day, David played, it was perfect.......until dinner.
Mr. David did not take a nap and so on the way to dinner at 6 pm he falls aleep. We decide to just let him have a "power nap" and wake him up 45 min later. FYI, 2 year olds don't take power naps. That "behavior" I mentioned earlier resurfaced and this time in the restaurant as soon as we sat down. It was so bad we had to leave. 2 drinks and David's chicken fingers that had already came out (which by the way he never ate) was all we got to order. $13 outta pocket.
I try to go have a heart to heart with David, all he told me was "I wanna go home, I want Davey's house, my bike, Holly, and winnie the pooh car." We just couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. ???? It was at this point I told Tim I was unsure if I wanted a third baby. It was also at this point Tim said it probably wasn't a problem since we were almost done with our vacation and still had not managed to even have sex.

Day 5- Last day and we book it out of Florida needless to say. We drove so fast it only took 4 hours and 45 min. As we are leaving, David is still just not acting like himself. I happened to just look inside his mouth and what do I see? All 4 of his 2 year molars cutting through his gums........ A huge sigh let out and also guilt of not knowing why he was acting crazy. His poor huge molars were coming in and I didn't even know. We immediately started giving him Advil and he has been much happier. Of course we found out why the last day.

So, was it a vacation??? Yes and No. I love my husband and kids so us being together is always special. Do the cards always fall in our favor? No, but hey, thats why people read this blog, right?

Thanks to Tim's grandparents for letting us go, it is a beautiful place to be even when everything goes wrong. Thanks to my parents for watching Holly. Thanks to Tim's parents ordering us dinner over the phone one night down there to the condo. And lastly, thanks to the woman on the back of the bike that we followed out of Seaside....please consider tucking your shirt into your pants because for 30 miles I had to stare at your back-fat hanging over your pants and jiggling in the wind. That was the cherry on top.

We will not forget Seaside, and Seaside will not forget us. Please note all my sarcasm and that I really do love my life. Here are some of the 8 pictures I have.

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