What's NOT going on, really?

So, we have officially accepted that this is a hard stage of life... it may be stating the obvious, if you have read our blog. We both are doing what we love, so why is it so exhausting? with Tim working long hours and me at home with babies, we definitely never have a dull moment!

Here are the highlights of the past few weeks...


Okay, we are ecstatic about this picture! These are the cousins!! (me and my sis)
It's David 2 1/2, Micheal 1 1/2, Jonathan 3 1/2, and Mackenzie 5 months. David is not holding Mackenzie b/c....I mean really, do i need to explain? Anyway..
To get them all in a picture is a sheer miracle, this was our present to my mom for Mother's Day. The wait to get the picture was probably the worst part. Jonathan likes to push and David has started a new fun thing where he will "pop" people in the face. Not hard....he will just bring his hand about an inch away from someone's face and pop it. ???? I have no idea where he learned this, as we don't pop in the face over here. Anyway, as the boys ares shoving back and forth, David walks up and pops this random little girl in the face that was minding her own business. You better bet we found the nearest bathroom and had a "little meeting." My motto is still "Mama always wins" and "this too will pass." Anyone with parenting advice on this is welcome, clearly he is out of control. Micheal is at the age where if he is not in a stroller or someone holding him, as soon as his feet hit the ground he will take off as fast as his little feet will carry him. Anyway, boys are just wildness. Onto the picture...
The only goals were this: no tears and everyone looking in the general direction of the camera. Our photographer, however, was completely out of touch with this. She OBVIOUSLY did not have children. During the whole photo shoot she kept instructing us like this, "I need the 18 month old to tilt his head please" and "Can you please make your 2 1/2 year old position his legs more to the right?" and "the baby needs to lean back a little more." Finally, we were like, "Lady! They are all sitting still and you have about a 2 second window to take the picture before all hell breaks loose here!!" Good grief. Anyway, Happy Mother's Day Mom.

DAVID: he is my little buddy, a total mama's boy, and such a happy guy.
Ah, geez. I love this kid, but here 3 things I have learned about having a son so far....
He is:
1. Physical
2. Active
3. Loves his pee-pee (and thats for another post another time)
Funny things he has said recently..... He does great with talking and complete sentences, but he can't seem to shake these little phrases....
"Mama hold you." (when he wants me to hold him)
"I bark her" (whenever he plays with Holly and makes her bark)
"That's a Wood-cocker!" (what he calls the neighborhood woodpecker, funny on so many levels)
Aside from popping people in the face, I caught him giving Elmo a spanking the other day saying, "No, no Elmo! You get a spanking!" Oh,no.
Lastly, this picture of him with my dishwasher rack. I went to load my dishes and it was gone. He decided a better purpose was for his hotwheels. What kid # 1. Thinks of this 2. Has the strength to open it and take it out, seriously?

Still sleeping like a rockstar. She has become very "grabby." Meaning, I really have to watch what I am near when holding her. She will reach out and latch on to anything! But, even if I am careful with that, she locks onto hair, noses, or will grab your mouth. Such a curious little baby.
She found her feet, which I love! I love it when little babies hold their feet.
Lastly, I am still nursing (by bottle now b/c she eats SO slow), but she won't take a bottle from anyone but me yet.
However, we did start babyfood. She got into a fight with it, and it won :)


I am sure I have mentioned that Tim's dad is a chef! Well, here is what he cooked up for Jacob's (tims little brother) wifes graduation party! I mean, he doesn't mess around. See what Tim left to get married to? He left a corporate chef to come to my experienced cooking (not). I will always be in a lose-lose situation. I do offer to bring drinks or rolls though at family functions.



It has been great getting out and enjoying the weather! (when it's not raining, that is!) Needless to say, we have an uneventful weekend planned and I couldn't be more excited.


Kelly G said...

Love love love the picture of the kids!!! What a great mothers day gift :) I love that you post the little daily stuff...very entertaining!

Cynthia Cooley said...

Jennifer - you are hilarious=needless to say!

natalie said...

I had to go back and read this again--for a good laugh. I was rolling from this post. All parts were incredibly funny! Love the dishwasher pic! He's so smart!!

Rachel said...

You are so funny!!! The dishwasher pic and story is great!!!!

Brandon and Jamie said...

lets get together soon!!! maybe next week we can meet for lunch???

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