May Freebies and Deals

Click on these links!!

free KFC meal

free Shanes ribs, drink, and tshirt

pizza deals:
you may have to check you local stores, but here is what my locations have:
Carry out only!

Dominoes: Anytime Med. pizza :$3.99
Anytime Lg. pizza: $5.99

Papa Johns: Mon-Thurs Lg Pizza: $6, weekends: $7.99

Movie Rental:
RED BOX!!!! Most are at Publix, Kroger, or Walmart! Only $1, no late fees, and if you sign up for email, they send you free movie codes!
Some current movies to rent are: Marley and Me, The Wrestler, Benjamin Button, Bride Wars
CLICK HERE to find one near you!

Okay, Rite Aid:

5/10-5/12 only: Free hair spray, styler, or mousse:

5/17-5/23 only: Free Wound Wash (great for your babies....or okay, me b/c i'm a clutz):

5/17-5/23 only: Eye Drops

5/17-5/23 only: Bayer Asprin for headaches

Okay!! Those are the deals :)

Latest things to note in my life:
He started calling me Jen.
He asks "10 more minutes?" anytime I ask him to do something....what a negotiater.
I cut the rubber off his "Paby" (pacifier) 2 weeks ago so thank God that thing is gone. He is over it now and tells EVERYONE that it's broken.
He got bit by a spider yesterday and his ear is tripled in size right now, can we say BENADRYL?

She busted out of her "swaddle" blanket finally so has learned to sleep without it.
She is so laid back I don't even know what to do with her. On Monday, she was tired and didn't want to wait for her bed, so she just curled up in the middle of the den and went to sleep.
Already has an attachment to a little pink winnie the pooh blanket.
Finally is pulling a 12 hour stretch (thanks to the baby food i make) so I hope to never see 5 am again!
Her 4 month stats:
14 lbs (75th percentile)
23 1/4 inches long (95th percentile)
100 % cuteness

okay that was lame.

Happy Mother's Day Weekend to all!

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The Partins said...

Jamie yells "Dawah!!" (Daryl) whenever she can't find her daddy... She get's this from me. He disappears in the house... I can never find him, so I yell his name... loudly. Now she does it when we go out and he gets too far ahead of us. He is only daddy within a 5 feet radius. After that - DAWAH!!!

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