Pumpkin is 10 months

MACKENZIE IS 10 MONTHS OLD!! Photo shoot below.
She says "mama, da da, ba-ba (bottle & bye bye), D-D (David)" D-D is my favorite.
She smiles and laughs at everything.
She LOVES her daddy.
She is super tiny and petite. But, still has some baby rolls. Her checkup is soon.
She has enough hair for pig tails now which is my favorite.
She sleeps 8p to 8a with 2 naps.

He is becoming such a good boy and a big help to mommy! (He is still a big time Mamas Boy.... which i love!!)
My friend and I are teaching preschool with him and her little girl. We rotate days/ houses on Tuesdays & Thursdays while our other babies nap. It is going great and I am amazed at how much they are learning! The best part is.... it's free!
He is also becoming very independent. He will just disappear and go potty & wash hands by himself.
I have to clean the potty and floor every day though b/c he gets distracted while he goes.
Loves riding his bike, his toy trucks and trailers, hotwheels, and will sit in the floor and do puzzles now.
He sleeps 8a to 8p, no naps. whew.
Say's some of the cutest and awful-est things I've ever heard. ie:
When he needs your attention and I'm busy, he'll say, "excuse me. I need something please."
He says, "I love mama. I love dinner. I love holly. I love daddy. I love my friend Kenzie. (It still hasn't sunk in she's his sister)

Not so cute things he says. ie:
Just to preface.... these are the things David hates : thunder (funder). shots from the doctor.
"I wanna hit Kenzie! She don't touch my trucks!"
I say, "No David, you can share. And we don't hit."
He'll say, "I want Kenzie go bye bye and get a shot and go in the funder!!"
He wishes all the things he hates the most upon whomever he is mad at. If I take a toy from him, he'll tell me to go in the funder.
Oh, boy. Sometimes it is hard not to laugh. Why are little kids so angry sometimes? What do they have to be so angry about?
I just don't get it!
Anyway, I often tell him that he has a good life and is lucky to have toys. I also tell him he is lucky to have a sister. That some children don't have siblings.

I mean.....can you really rationalize with a 3 year old? Not really.
He loves his friends. He talks about them every day. Today was his playgroup Halloween party and he is a firefighter for Halloween! (His choice, of course!)

Here is also another regular scenario around here. David will fall asleep some days on the couch and Tim loves to wake him up when he comes home!

He started a job doing sales for Crystal Springs water a couple of months ago. He loves the company and is doing well there. They had a huge party this weekend and rented out Dave and Busters. They are big donors for the "Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure" program. We had a great time and it is fun because my brother in law has worked there a long time and now we get to go to all the parties together!
There is not one day that goes by that I don't regret my mini-van. I love it. Tim has named it, "La Leche Grande". It means, The Big Milk. He just thinks he is so funny. I haven't decided if I am going to fight it. I just really don't care because people can call it whatever they want. I am happy. My days are still pretty spontaneous with both of the kids, but I am still writing as the Atlanta Frugal Living Examiner, and I just recently decided to become an independent jewelry seller for Stella and Dot. I am going to try and make a little extra money for the holidays.... and for fun! Both are 2 things I'm passionate about, writing and jewelry...haha!! Both are super part time (i do them at home during nap/quiet time) as my full time job is being a mommy. I just have to have a few outlets for sanity, fun, and adult time. I love staying busy, but also have big down time! It's a hard balance, something I work at continually. I think that is super important.

We went to a spectacular wedding this weekend in the north Ga. mountains. Brittany is a wedding planner, so of course everything was just jaw dropping. This song was their first dance, so fun. Her mother made all the guests hand made pottery! Beautiful was an understatement. It was cold, but leaves were falling, mountains surrounded us, and the food was incredible. We also had a blast on the dance floor with some old college friends ;)
Congrats, Brittany and Vince! We had an amazing night.

So, this has been our October so far.... more pumpkin festivities to come!!!


Pumpkins Part One

If you haven't picked up, I am a little over the top with holidays. It's not my fault though...... it's my mothers. I grew up celebrating even St. Patty's Day with green eggs and pancakes, hairbows, shirts, shamrocks, and the house completely decorated. It looked like a leprechaun threw up in our house. Anway, it was always a fun part of my childhood, so I have done the same for my kids so far! Blame her, not me.

We made it a tradition to go to Burt's Pumpkin Patch every year near Dahlonega and find the most obnoxious big pumpkin we can find. (But, shhhh, let me tell you a secret. Some of their pumpkins cost up to $200 +, but if you find one that has a "pretty front side" and a flat, ugly back side......ours was only $14!!!) Thats my free tip.

Anyway, here are a few of our first pics of the season! It's so dang hard to get pics when I'm chasing these 2, but here are some! I wish I was as awesome at it as my friend, Rachel, but maybe someday! We went with our awesome small group and had a blast!

Also, this song has no significance..... i just like it. I kept hearing it during all the flood victim move ins we did and I keep listening to it!

okay, and i totally just noticed the creepy people of walmart lady in the background above.

okay, I knew this wasn't going to happen, but thought it was worth a shot!


WHAT am i doing?!!!

Disclaimer: Feel free to judge me, call me names, whatever you like. But, when you have lots of babies, you too will have a similar life.

So, this is the car I have driven for the last 12 years of my life. Many know her as "blueberry." This car is like almost a part of me, so I am very sad to see her go. Any last comments to Blueberry will be appreciated in the end. Blueberry has helped a lot of people out there. Sniff. Well, after having this Toyota 4 Runner with almost 200k miles, it was time for a new(er) car!!
And yes, I was one of those people who always said, "I will never, NEVER, drive a mini-van!"
Well, last night I ate my words. After being married almost 6 years, 2 babies, and a dog, we knew it was coming....especially if there are more babies to come. We caved. We bought a Dodge Caravan. And let me tell you, I am in love.
I know that I am a loser, I had many honest friends tell me ahead of time, but I chose it. Thank you to my honest friends. For the friends that lied to me and told me mini vans are cool, its okay you lied. I have prepared myself mentally to drive an un-cool car. I chose practicality over style. This car was totally made for a mom, I mean completely. You can get away with an SUV with one baby completely, maybe even 2 for while, but with them growing, and all their stuff, and if a # 3 is in the future, you too will cave. Just let me justify it, okay?

I understand if you are not in my life stage and you think I have lost my mind. But, I am telling you, if you were me, this amazing van has already made my life so much easier to get out. All the space, the sliding doors in parking lots with car seats, and enough space between children so they don't fight...... I couldn't be happier.

I am still in shock. It's kind of an identity to embrace. It was hard to give up my 4 Runner for a soccer mom van, but...... that's what I am now so I am embracing it :) And if it makes my life easier, why not???

So, I am in need of names. I am a big car namer....... Let's hear them!!

So, here she is.....Dodge Caravan SE, that's right. Its a sport edition. That means it has a roof rack and fog lights. Watch out. And yes Dave Ramsey, it is a used car, paid in full. We didn't betray your ways....

So, if you need a ride. Just call me. This baby holds 7 comfortably, 8 or 9 if you squeeze. I kinda feel like I have a portable motel. Someone please tell me it's going to be okay. I am 27 and shouldn't be driving a mini van. My mom said she is the one that feels old, her baby (me) is driving a van with babies!!! But, my mom did drive a mini van and now this is her ride......

A white convertible Pontiac Solstice. She says in the end, you win. Thanks, mama! Save that for me! And sorry, I just had to play some JT, we are going to make this van as sexy as possible.



Atlanta flood, Tuesday, September 22, 2009.
After this flood hit so close to home, we felt so burdened to help the families that were left with their homes underwater.

It all started by just wanting to make some home cooked meals for these families. I drove past a garage sale on Thursday and just decided to pull in. I found myself just asking them if they had anything they wanted to donate, to let me know because there were many families in need.
That's when it all began.....

Before I even knew what was going on, they had loaded up vehicles of everything at their garage sale and were following me home! Oh, no I thought! Where am I going to put everything?!
It's amazing what you can fit in a 2 car garage. Well, a snowball effect started happening. I received families who were in need from my friend, Tara, who is a school teacher in Austell. She personally knew families and specific needs. Well, I sent out an email and all of the sudden, not only was my garage full, wall to wall, our neighbors, Greg and Jessica's garages were full as well. More stuff kept coming, and more families kept coming. I just couldn't say no to anyone.

In the end, we've had enough supplies to help 6 families. I am overwhelmed, amazed, and blown away by the events of the last 1 1/2 weeks of my life. Clothes, toiletries, appliances, dishes, pots & pans, shoes, home decor, furniture, beds, mattresses, tables, chairs, tvs, christmas trees, linens, baby/kid items.....you name it, someone donated it. Even money, which we used to buy the families some food, since it was all washed away.

I can't really describe the feelings I felt when we showed up to the neighborhoods.Tears streamed down my face as I thought of what these families went through, especially all the ones with small children. We took one trip on Monday night, one today, and our last will be on Tuesday. It's a wave of emotion that comes over you when you see the destruction. The only way I can describe the aftermath is by saying it looked like a "Mud Tornado" came through. There was a "mud line" on houses and trees where everything below where the water came up to was a different color. It was discolored from mud, garbage, and debris. It was the new tinted color of everything the water level arose to. The water was a rushing current that ripped out any belongings in homes and were scattered about the neighborhood and destroyed.

The looks of hope on these families faces is one I will never forget. We not only got to help them get a fresh start with everyday belongings, but also came representing Christ and the hope we have in Him. That He alone, is our hope, our Father, and our Provider. We got to pray with one family and they actually called yesterday and said they would like to come to church and know more about Christ. They were so drawn by the love that was shared with them, so awesome.

Here is a run down of the familes that we met:

1. The Arrington Family (Mom, Dad, 5 children under the age of 6 1/2 years old).
They are all set with everything they need!

2. Grandmother of the Arrington Family: lost her home completely and FEMA is putting her up in a home that we will move her into on Tuesday with our small group.

3. Crocket (single mother and son):
Home is currently under repair, we went and put all her things in the garage until electricity and walls can go back in. Pics below. This was also the family that they only way they were rescued was b/c at 6am they drove to the back of the neighborhood, climbed the embankment, and waited for someone to pick them up

4. Rodriguez Family (mom, dad, 3 children):
They lost their home and are going to rebuild & hopefully in 3 mo will be back in. They are living with friends in a very small home and there is 10 total people now living here plus lots of furniture.

5. Another Mother & son-
Lost everything and are living with her sister in a 1 bedroom apartment, where we dropped all of her things.

6. Baby-
We had lots of baby items come in and gave them to a family who lost everything that is living at the civic center with a 3 wk old baby.

The picture of Six Flags that flooded the media....

Garrett Springs nieghborhood, where one of the families lived

Deerfield Creek neighborhood, where another family lived

After renovations...... we had the biggest U-Haul you could rent, and 2 trucks and trailors!
As you can see, cars were destroyed, insulation, sheetrock, and flooring had to be removed to get rid of all the mold and mud.

Thank you to our parents for all the help and support (and vehichles :), Brandi and Paul, Greg and Jessica, Paula and Spencer, Sarah W, Ashley, and Paul and Courtney for helping sift through, organize, and deliver to these amazing families. Thank you to all our friends, family, and strangers who donated everything to help these families get their lives back together. Most importantly, my sweet husband, who let "lets just take a meal" get a little out of control and fully embraced the chaos.
Please continue to pray for them as they continue to rebuild their homes, and their lives.

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