Natural Cleaning

Here are the cleaners I swear by! They are saving our family tons and more than that, they are chemical free! Not only are they pennies on the dollar to make, it's fun to get your kids involved with making the cleaners. You also don't have to worry about any chemicals since everything below is all natural!

Make sure water is really hot when mixing to get everything dissolved!

Also, just an FYI I learned while researching this, do not EVER mix vinegar and bleach. I do not use bleach any more, but together they make a toxic chorine gas. Just wanted to throw that out there if anyone was feeling real creative =)

All Purpose Cleaner (Kitchen, Bathrooms, Floors, ect.)
Cleans awesome, no streaking, love this.
6 T vinegar
1 T borax
1 T dish soap (*To make window cleaner, use same recipe & omit dish soap)
2 C hot water
1 drop lemon oil (to mask the vinegar smell, if you can deal with it, you dont have to use this)
Its sold at Micheals and you can buy any scent you want.
Pour all liquids in spray bottle, then add powder. Shake to mix well.
White Vinegar from Publix. around $2 or $3 dollars

Here is what the all purpose looks like, it will be tinted whatever color your dishsoap is!

Dish Soap and Body Wash- yes it cleans so well to do the dishes, but all natural and moisturizing for skin. You'll be hooked after you shower with it!

One thing to note: it is more liquidy than store bought. It will thicken a little when water cools.
Its all safe, organic, and natural... so it cleans dishes... and you!
1/4 c grated soap (Ivory or Dove) ...less than half a bar of soap)
1 T vinegar
2 C hot water
1/4 c melted glycerin ... half the bar cut up and microwave for 20 seconds
* Glycerin sold at Publix for 99 cents on the soap isle!
Grate soap and mix with hot water.Shake until dissolves. Pour in glycerin and add vinegar. It will be very liquidy, but as it cools will thicken! Here is a picture of the process...

Jewelry Cleaner
1 T salt
1 T baking soda
1 T vinegar
1 C hot water
1 sprinkle of borax
mix, shake it up. And amazing jewelry cleaner!

Furniture Polish
100% pure Lemon Oil Polish- only place I've found this is Ace Hardware for 7.99 However, this bottle will last you until you die. A drop goes a mile. And its not an oily oil... its just amazing. It makes your furniture look like its been waxed and oiled. Seriously amazing and a great smell. Its yellow liquid in a clear bottle.
*This is also the product that will make hard water (white drops) on your shower "disappear". Nothing will ever remove hard water stains b/c they are etched into the glass, but lemon oil will absorb it for 1 to 2 weeks and make glass clear. So great!

Air Fresheners
Fill a bottle half way of vinegar and the other half water
At first you will smell vinegar, but it absorbs odors and after about 10 minutes, your house will smell cleaner and fresher.
After I do this, I either simmer in a pan, or you can use a tart burner:
Orange Peels
a few sprinkles of cinnamon
It makes your house smell amazing! Always go for natural scents from fresh flowers or fruit rinds. It is a more natural way of freshening your home! (That and my husband gets headaches from Yankee Candle =)
Happy Home Day!

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