I'm not gonna lie, this whole house renovation is kind of insane right now. I have to blog about this because I can't forget this. Ever.

Crazytown part 1. Tim's a Commercial Heating and Air Technician. He's also a rockstar. It's hot. Like triple digits hot in Georgia. So..... that means Tim worked 90 hours last week. Granted, he was the on-call tech and that is not normal. This week was back down to around 50 hours. Needless to say, he is kind of busy.
Tim's work is also very physical. He is down to his lowest weight and probably the leanest he has ever been. He is on top of large buildings downtown and takes heavy equipment up there! Anyway, he is tired! However, his job is now his passion and he comes home rejuvenated somehow.
He comes home to a construction site =) Now I have mad shopping skills to buy everything he needs, but I do not have construction skills....I can clean up demo and shop for the restoration, but Tim is the one who knows how to remove, deal with plumbing/wires/all that mess. See below bathroom.

Crazytown part 2. We have kids.... oh yeah! Kids! They are 3 and 5. Have you been around a 3 and 5 year old?! It's comical. And our house is kind of a disaster. One bathroom currently has NO floor so we keep them out of there. The "addition" to the house, aka our dining area, has plywood floors and there is not HVAC. We eat in the family room. So we blocked off the entrance to that "addition" room with a quilt. After the bathroom, that project is next. Tim is actually going to put in a bigger HVAC system in our house b/c when they added the addition, they did not compensate to add air out there. So that room is currently around 90 degrees. Another space to keep the children from. We've ripped out all the overgrown landscaping, but have not planted anything really new. We have mud for a sidewalk. We also found the color we wanted to paint the house, but clearly have no time to start that project. However, I did paint a small part of the house to make sure the color was right. So, our current front of the house has brick, the old nasty yellow paint, the new grey paint, and new unpainted wood from where Tim has been repairing. Yes. It looks ridiculous.

So, how is the renovation going?? I have no answer! That's how it's going! Hahaha!

I really know God hand picked me to be Tim's wife and support his dream, because even in the midst of it, I have peace. I know he can do it. I know it will be done. And I know it will look awesome. We've done it all before. I can sit in the middle of disaster and know that it really is all going to be okay. And I really don't care what other people think about what it looks like right now.

So, what have I been doing to stay sane? Another crazytown thing I did was get the kids and I whitewater season passes!! Let me just tell you the sights you see at Whitewater. Either way, they have 3 parks there for little ones, so I take my mini crazies over there to go nuts. They love it. And that's all I care about. I also secretly kind of love water slides. I do bathe them immediately when we get home every time ;)
I also started running a Farmers Market out of our house every Tuesday!! Yep. Because what else do you do while you are renovating a house during your husband's busiest time of the year!?!?!?!? That's right, you invite the whole community over to your house. You add more crazy to the crazytown. Here is the link to it- its so fun and it's only 1 day a week and my kids do it with me!! Despite our passion for renovating, we long to open our lives and home to the community where we live to have an impact for Christ. I love, love, love the ministry opportunity this is for me and that my kids get to go along with it. So a perfectly clean house to have others over?! No mam! I bring them all into our mess- inside our home and our hearts. If we could all just share with our neighbors, would we even need missionaries?!

I am so grateful for the work God is doing in my marriage, my home, and in the hearts of my children. They are growing into such loving, giving, and authentic kids. They care about people. And they appreciate everything we have. I didn't realize they were learning and growing so much through some of the hardest years we have had. Wow, God refined us, but He also refined our children.... who can even pray for that?! Thank you Lord.

Despite Tim's work season at a peak right now, I am a stay at home mama. And this is my home! We make the best of it and our kids are in love with the house, it makes you realize what really makes kids happy- just mommy and daddy. They could care less what the new front door we are shopping for looks like! And what countertops we are going to put in the kitchen. And what the new sidewalk material is going to be! And I love that.

We are young. And maybe a little stupid. But, we are having a great time diving into the dreams we set out for..... for better or worse. We will never stop following what we set out to do, no matter what life throws out! And.... at the end of the day, it looks like we may raise 2 more little risk takers to take life head on! Now, can everyone just join my prayer petition that this bathroom would be complete in 2 weeks?! Cheers to that!

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