Summer Survival

Our summer has been off to a crazy start!!! Are you bipolar with your summertime mindset like me?? You love no schedule, but you hate no schedule. You love your kids home, but then you feel like you aren't going to make it. You don't want them in camps, but then you do need them in camps. You dream about family vacations, but then wonder what going alone looks like?! You have more time in your day, but where did all our time go? You tell the children all day they will have an earlier bedtime tonight, but then you realize its 9pm and still sunny outside. You went swimming in the pool so that cancels out bathtime. Your kids bathing suits just stay on. Summer is like an eat fest and you have now decided to order all groceries through Shipt because you are not taking your wet and dirty children into the store. Yall. Kids and summertime is magical, but terrifying and exhausting. It's so hard to balance and also find time for yourself to catch a break. I, like you, am keeping mine close but praying desperately for the energy to do it!!

 It is our busiest season of the year for our heating and air company! Summit has been all hands on deck and we are constantly amazed at the success and growth we've had. Tim has hired 2 people and has 2 trucks and a trailer and we cannot wait to watch it grow more. It has been fun to dream and watch God use his company in ways we didn't expect. If you've followed our blog for a while you know that my heart is bursting with gratitude and also joy for Tim that he is doing his deal. I couldn't be more supportive and on board and helping in all the ways I can!!

I was asked to share our story of my sweet friend, Sarah Bragg's "Surviving Sarah" Podcast. Sarah will be your new best friend, she has such a great way of connecting with people and is a really inspiring person to know. Please check out her show and you can tune in here to hear my episode!

We surprised the kids on Memorial Day weekend with a trip to Captiva Island. It was honestly the best kick off to the summer! We woke them up at 4am and told them they were about to get on an airplane.... they have never flown before!!! (Well, David with me at 9 months old but he has no memory of it :) They lost their minds. So excited. They did incredible. I will never forget their faces when the plane took off......

Arriving in Captiva, we stayed in the South Seas Resort!
Sea life everywhere, Mackenzie rescued this starfish! We saw dolphins, manatees, and they brought home 50 sand dollars!

Our room overlooked the marina and the kids loved to watch the boats come and go!

We rented a boat one day and literally went island hopping. We were right next to Cabbage Key and went to check out where Jimmy Buffett allegedly wrote, "Cheeseburger in Paradise"

South Seas has nature checkpoints all over the island. The kids completed the whole course and got 15 bands for all 15 checkpoints and went on the Wall of Fame!!! Their favorite stop was the Key Lime trees.

We are surviving summer! Kids just picked 2 camps and we are home a good bit. I found myself having some staples this summer, so here's what's in my summer bag:
First, my H&M waterproof magnetic closure bag. I'm obsessed and its my bag the whole summer.
I always have a magazine. I will rip out a recipe or read about ways to try and organize my house.
Wet Brush- If you have a daughter, enough said.
Skin So Soft Sunscreen and Bugspray all in one, and it actually works. Amazon link
Zinc Oxide for faces, works better than suncreen. Amazon link
Palmers Cocoa Butter spf lip balm, it smells amazing and stays on Amazon link
I have a mix of Young Living oils I keep on hand and this combo is cedarwood and vetiver
At the pool I keep a sun hat so I don't get raccoon eyes from my sunglasses and when I've had too much sun I just put on a super thin long sleeve cover up and I can stay out a little longer!

That is what I'm loving this summer!!!

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