3 Months

Miss Sweet Thang is now 3 Months old!!! She is still such a good baby and I am completely over the top with her. I am just enjoying every sweet second with her......I always find myself rocking her a little longer, holding her a little bit more, and letting my house just fall to the wayside while I just spend time with her and david. I just know how fast it goes by and I am trying everything in my power to freeze it all :)
David.....always has stories!
Recently: he put fake tattoos on my bathroom floor, not really sure how to get those off yet, but they are kinda funny there so I'm going to leave them for a while!
I heard water again splashing onto the floor (never a good sign)....he tried to flush 10 bathcloths down the toilet and flooded it. I asked him "What are you doing?!" and he responded, "I help mama wash."
His favorite thing in life this week is chewing gum, i know....tim gave him some, thanks a lot. He is obsessed with it, and even worse he insists on keeping it in his pockets with him at all times. He smacks it loudly takes it in and out of his mouth....it just gets nasty. Oh well, at least I bought sugar free.
At Target today:
Me:"David, its time to go.."
D: "Davey stay in store." (Yes he calls himself Davey and yes he speaks in 3rd person alot)
Me:" David, you can't stay here by yourself....what will you do?"
D: "I play toys."
Me: "Well, who will take care of you and what will you eat?"
D: "I make eggs."

Well, we are headed out of town for a family vacation tomorrow with some of our friends to Gatlinburg. First roadtrip with both kiddos so I'm sure there will not be a dull moment....do you call that a vacation when children are with you?! And yes, theme song of my life this week, livin on a prayer.


Jack of all Trades...

This is so ridiculous i just had to post it. Tim is very into... hmmm, well everything it seems. The other night I asked him what some of his favorite hobbies were and he reeled off about 35 things. The same night this is our conversation...

Tim: I'll be right back (while we are watching TV)

45 minutes later....

Me: Timmmmmm??? Where did you go?!
So, i go look for him. I find him at the desk and he had drawn this... a caricature of our kids...

Seriously?! Who just does this?
Okay, you don't believe me? Here is a list of his hobbies, which by the way, all come with their own set of crap...no wonder I can't keep the freakin garage and closets organized....i give up.

fly fishing
deer hunting
wake boarding
Frisbee golf
fixing cars
repairing/renovating a house
building stuff
cartoonist (was ours at college)
canoe, until he sunk it
motorcycle, but he sold it
rock climbing
and apparently, caricatures.....

After showing Tim this list our conversation goes like this:

Tim: So, what are YOUR hobbies?

Me: 1. There is no more room for hobbies and
2. My hobby has become keeping all your hobbies and their crap together

Is this just a guy thing?! Seriously, if there is a hobby not listed...please don't ever invite my husband to do it.
To those of us who know Tim, we like to call him the Jack of all Trades....Master of None.
Ha ha. I always like to add in that last part. love you honey.

Happy St. Pabby's

As David woke up and has been saying all morning, "Happy St. Pabby's!!!!"
Here are my little lucky leprechauns!!!

Also, you'll have to enjoy Jump Around....it's David's new favorite.


3 Blind Mice...well, 8 Dead Mice

Lets start with the good.... our anniversary! Amazing weekend in Chattanooga....below is where we stayed. We were right downtown so we walked everywhere. Tim is still the charmer....brought me home roses, dropped off the kids, and his big surprise was a picnic on the top of Signal Mtn. Very beautiful and you can see the whole city and river from there! The only not romantic part is that I am still nursing so while we were there I pumped out 33 oz. of milk to bring home. Thats 1/2 a gallon every 2 days. I never thought I could compare myself to a cow until now. Hey, don't judge...thats what happens when you have kids.Next, kids are great! Mackenzie is still a little angel....one with a ton of hair anyway!!! Below is her mop top :) David of course is always up to no good, just kidding! He has become quite the master of the potty! Luckily, I e-filed our taxes this year because I left out our W-2's on my desk and they are now covered in green crayon....you think I'd learn by now. Also, if you call our house, David will insist on having a conversation with you and will not give the phone back until he is done. His cowlick is quite impressive, lots of gel can barely keep it down.

Okay, the mice. Well, it all started with the birdfeeder. My mom gave it to me and I was so excited to have birds! And we did, lots of them! Well, while I was refilling it one day I noticed mouse droppings EVERYWHERE below the birdfeeder....oh, dear....I thought. (well, I actually thought other words, but we'll use those!) I went inside and looked out the window and SAW them!!! They had made holes in the ground below the feeder and were going in and out!! It was also near the corner of our garage so they were in there as well!!! I panicked and called a pest removal service! Do you know how much they charge to come out to your house and remove mice?!! $500.00, what?!! Tim and I later considered that may be our next career move....seriously why in the world does it cost that much?? I told them, for $500.00 I can do it myself!! We went and bought 12 mouse traps for $10..... and needless to say, we have caught 8! It is a little gross to find the mice and throw the whole thing away, but not gross enough to fork out $500. Well, its been silent for 3 days so I think we got them all. They are about the size of your finger so not too bad. Oh, also....lesson learned: When placing mouse traps outside you have to put them in a box with holes b/c the birds will be attracted to the peanut butter too. The first day of trapping we found feathers stuck to the traps that had gone off. Luckily, the bird got away unscathed... i would have felt terrible. And of course David had to go out there and pick one up the first day and got his hand in one, ahh! I swore he broke his finger, but it got his whole hand and not a mark on him. He only cried for a second, and then, like a boy was totally fascinated by them. Tim also had a hard time setting them at first...it was not a happy day! All I heard was cursing in the garage and then he came in with red fingers and peanut butter on them, so sad! Well, thats the mouse story. So, don't hang bird feeders close to your house, they are supposed to be in a tree at least 30 feet from your home.
And yes, at least once a week I find myself asking the question....."Why Me?"

RIP to the Mice

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