3 Months

Miss Sweet Thang is now 3 Months old!!! She is still such a good baby and I am completely over the top with her. I am just enjoying every sweet second with her......I always find myself rocking her a little longer, holding her a little bit more, and letting my house just fall to the wayside while I just spend time with her and david. I just know how fast it goes by and I am trying everything in my power to freeze it all :)
David.....always has stories!
Recently: he put fake tattoos on my bathroom floor, not really sure how to get those off yet, but they are kinda funny there so I'm going to leave them for a while!
I heard water again splashing onto the floor (never a good sign)....he tried to flush 10 bathcloths down the toilet and flooded it. I asked him "What are you doing?!" and he responded, "I help mama wash."
His favorite thing in life this week is chewing gum, i know....tim gave him some, thanks a lot. He is obsessed with it, and even worse he insists on keeping it in his pockets with him at all times. He smacks it loudly takes it in and out of his mouth....it just gets nasty. Oh well, at least I bought sugar free.
At Target today:
Me:"David, its time to go.."
D: "Davey stay in store." (Yes he calls himself Davey and yes he speaks in 3rd person alot)
Me:" David, you can't stay here by yourself....what will you do?"
D: "I play toys."
Me: "Well, who will take care of you and what will you eat?"
D: "I make eggs."

Well, we are headed out of town for a family vacation tomorrow with some of our friends to Gatlinburg. First roadtrip with both kiddos so I'm sure there will not be a dull moment....do you call that a vacation when children are with you?! And yes, theme song of my life this week, livin on a prayer.


Scott and Katie said...

She is adorable. I absolutely love the stories of your son. They crack me up.

Brandon and Jamie said...

oh my gosh she is so cute!! can't wait to see her again!!! we will be in atl this sun/mon but i won't have a car during the day on mon!! i'll let you know if we will be around mon night and maybe we can all meet for dinner or something??

NotQuiteaBride said...

so cute!!! I love David, he is so mischievous just like his parents were I'm sure!

SHE IS SO ADORABLE!! She looks like you I think.

The Partins said...

Love the pictures! Love the stories! You have some cute kiddos! Hope your trip goes GREAT.

Ashley said...

Oh, my gosh. Seriously? She is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL baby girl EVER!!! I want us to get together!!! I'm on spring break next week, and I'd love to get our kiddos together! Let me know!

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