Mackenzie- The Intercessor

I have been meaning to blog about this for forever!!! For some reason, Mackenzie has taken over our prayer time.
It could be because she is extremely vocal, but it is pretty darn hysterical to witness her praying.

It started one night at dinner. I guess she didn't like what I was praying for.... so she cut me off and spoke loudly over me....

Tank ew Jeeeesus, for da rolls, bean beans (green beans), ticken (chicken), and duice (juice).
Tank ew Jeeeesus, for Halwey (holly), Dabid (David), mommy and daddy.
Tank ew Jeeeesus, for my people (Little People toys), pin-cesses (her princesses), and tank ew for Jeeeesus.

She will go on, and on, and on. And we just let her. David just rolls his eyes at her. I always ask if he wants to add anything and he says, "No!! I want to eat!!!"
Such a boy. I've been trying to let him pray first, but M still cuts him off too.
If you'd like M to be praying for you..... well you just let me know! I've started giving her my requests =)

Another funny conversation with David this week was about staying far away from the road because of cars. Here goes-
David- "Mommy, I can't go near cars?? Cause why mommy?"
Me- "Well David, you could get really hurt or die if you run out into the road and a car hits you."
David- "Then I go and see Jesus if i die?"
Me- "Yes David."
David- "Well Mommy, what kind of car is Jesus going to come pick me up in? Does he have a big truck?"
Me- (sigh)"Dave, let's just stay out of the road and away from moving cars okay. Mommy would be really sad if you got hurt. And I don't know what kind of car Jesus has."
David- "Oh, well okay mommy. I'll stay away."

Having children and especially vocal children is the greatest joy! *Some days the vocals are a little toooooo joyful for mommy and I have to take a time out and have quiet.
But, I could literally follow them around right now and write their conversations not only with me, but with eachother.
The ages of 4 and 2 have been so fun .Their relationship is adorable and I can't wait for them to be closer and closer the more they grow.


Here's To 7 Years....

Now that we are all settled in and about to celebrate 7 years of marriage, my life is back on the crazy track. Meaning, my days are never normal. Far from normal. I found it only appropriate to share another day in our life to commemorate 7 sweet years. If you want to read Tim's sweet proposal, click on the above right link, Our Love Story.
Do you wake up sometimes and just know it's going to be rough? That's how Wednesday was.
745am- I woke up to the kids fighting and it wasn't even 8am. Mackenzie raced through the house and busted into David's room to get him up. She started pulling all his covers off and squealing. David of course started throwing stuffed animals at her. I stumbled into his room to separate them.
830- I get breakfast going and since we have a friend coming over with her kids to ride to storytime with us, we have Cocoa Puffs, fruit, and juice. Well, we were going to have juice until i left my 2 year old unattended in the kitchen momentarily.... I saw an apple juice river coming out of my kitchen and then heard splashing. As I walked in, Mackenzie said, "I pour juice." Yup, all empty.
We clean up, get dressed, and take the dog to the groomers.
1030- We make it back home and grab a few things for storytime, my friend shows up, and we load all 4 kids.
1100- I back into my friends car parked in my driveway. No she wasn't parked right behind me. I just failed to look in all mirrors b/c I am used to no cars being anywhere in my driveway.
We get out, look at it.... her bumper and my rear panel have major dents... hey, i like to whip it in reverse, okay? Also remember I had 6 people in my mini van, that's my excuse.
1105- We leave for storytime anyway and call our husbands on the way. My friend was so cool about the whole thing. And for some reason.... neither of our husbands acted surprised or uspet??
1130- We make it to storytime and I also needed to print out a dog groomer coupon on the library computer. My printer at home was out of ink, so I sign in and try to pull up the website. A pornography alert is set off at the computer I am on.???? http://www.petboutiquegrooming.net/ set off their alert system for some reason. My computer froze and a red flashing thing came across my screen. As a librarian showed up, they could clearly see I wasn't looking at pornography with my 2 and 4 year old and that i had typed in my dog's grooming website. But, no one else in the library knew that... all they think is I'm some pervert in the library.
Anyway, the librarians apologized and overrided the system and printed my coupon out. Geez, thanks. Thanks ALOT!!
1230- Storytime is over and I am completely exhausted.
100 - We come home and eat lunch here. Both of my kids have entered Meltdown and were acting pretty close to mental patients. Weeping, onery, sassy, and hard to manage.
My poor friend is still here with her 2 kids so we decide to take them out for a few minutes of fresh air before nap time.
130- This only works for 3 of them. David has completely lost all his marbles by this point. He sat weeping on the trampoline b/c there was a puddle of water on it. I decide he is done and carry him into the house to put him to bed. Of course I was way past my "window" and it felt like I was carrying a full size human thrashing as if I was throwing them into fire. He was out of control.
200- my friend decides to leave, huh? i wonder why? And before she was out of the driveway both of my kids were passed out.
230- well, sad to say i passed out too.
500- Tim came home and took us out for pizza. He also came home with Holly from the groomers and he had already printed out the stupid coupon at school. And Holly looks awful. She is a bichon and she is shaved to the bone. She looks like she has a fur disorder. Anyway, everyone was finally acting like normal humans and I was in depression mode b/c I put a huge dent in our new mini van. Pizza was the only cure.
That's enough of that day, whew. I will note that my mom called to check in on me and she later informed me that her whole office was in tears of laughter from my day. Especially that I set off pornography alerts in the library. Awesome, I'm glad I made someone's day.
I write all this to say, as bad as a day could be.... I am so in love with my little family and life. Jesus has put me on this earth to be Tim's wife and David and Mackenzie's mommy. Though some days are hard, I am so happy, confident, and peaceful at the calling the Lord has given me.
This anniversary, I'd like to thank the examples in our life. Our family consistently shows how strong the bonds of marriage really are.
Tim's Grandparents, Bill and Mary, this summer will celebrate 60 years of marriage!
Tim's parents, Willie & Marcie are about to celebrate 32 yrs.
My parents, Danny & Pam are going to celebrate 36 yrs this summer.
My sister and her husband will celebrate 10 this summer
Tims oldest brother will celebrate 5 years this summer
Tims youngest brother will celebrate 3 years this summer
We are so lucky to be surrounded by people that view marriage as a holy, sacred covenant. It doesn't mean that your marriage and life is easy if it lasts this long. In fact, I believe the opposite. The more trials and hardships actually bring you closer as a team, a united front. A force to be reckoned with!
So, this year for our anniversary we want to thank our families for the bonds they have laid for us. Our family really is like iron sharpening iron. We love you and are so thankful for each of you in our lives. And mostly, to our Savior and Lord Jesus for bringing us together over and over.
Thanks again to our wonderful parents who gave us the wedding of our dreams. We have been through the fire this year, but it has refined us. Life better watch out because we're ready!

Pop & Grandma- aren't they the most adorable people you've ever seen?
The whole Willis clan minus baby Josh and Mackenzie ( i was preg w/her here) Hulsey's with their grandbabies and Brandi my sis!



I've always thought I could conquer the world. No problem too big, no task too hard, no bet I wouldn't try to win, and no person I would try to not talk to Jesus with....
until her...

We lived in Canton for 4 years and I lived next door to a real, live witch. For real. If you are a long time follower, you know all about her. For those just tuning in, Here are the stories about her...
Basically, my top 3 events from her were 1. The night she showed up in her full black wedding gown and combat boots during my church small group, awesome. 2. For Christmas she gave me a real live spell. My husband put the spell box in our grill and later in the trash. 3. She told me she died and came back.

So, my efforts to speak Jesus into her life were not only dismissed, but completely overtaken by her Wiccan ways. I still know God's word does not return void so I pray the seeds I planted will one day take root.
Anyway, I think during most of my encounters with her over the 4 years I was so in shock that I never whipped my camera out. Well, after moving almost a year ago, I paid her a little visit tonight.
I went up to see a friend tonight in the neighborhood and when I left it was late at night. Low and behold the witch's lights were on. I got a crazy, high school adrenaline rush and just went up and rang the door bell. I stepped way back b/c I remember she always came to the door with a weapon!
She recognized me and I saw a smile for the first time ever! She did open the door with a huge 5 foot wooden crystal ball stick she uses for her weapon now. That is her picture showing me where to hit someone in the skull if ever attacked. Apparently, right behind the ear is the thinnest part of the skull. OKAY>>>> moving on. I had to photograph her b/c she really does look like a witch. I am bummed she had a pony tail in b/c her hair is long, white, and wavy. Real life witch hair.
Anyway, she was pleasant and it's almost been one year since I have seen her. I just had to share my photos and bring my witch story to a full closure for myself.

I know my stories of her are beyond entertainment, I mean really... who lives next door to a witch? I am glad I documented it all, but more importantly, I am glad I embraced her and reached out. Maybe someday, the light of Christ will penetrate her heart.

I was glad my children were moved away from her, but I'll always remember the witch and pray that God, who can do all things, will reveal Himself to her. David, my son, remembers her. And I am glad he will remember mommy trying to talk to the crazy lady about Jesus instead of ignoring her. I want to be a light to the darkest of worlds, and hers is one of the darkest I've seen.

Luke 11:33. No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead he puts it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light.

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