I've always thought I could conquer the world. No problem too big, no task too hard, no bet I wouldn't try to win, and no person I would try to not talk to Jesus with....
until her...

We lived in Canton for 4 years and I lived next door to a real, live witch. For real. If you are a long time follower, you know all about her. For those just tuning in, Here are the stories about her...
Basically, my top 3 events from her were 1. The night she showed up in her full black wedding gown and combat boots during my church small group, awesome. 2. For Christmas she gave me a real live spell. My husband put the spell box in our grill and later in the trash. 3. She told me she died and came back.

So, my efforts to speak Jesus into her life were not only dismissed, but completely overtaken by her Wiccan ways. I still know God's word does not return void so I pray the seeds I planted will one day take root.
Anyway, I think during most of my encounters with her over the 4 years I was so in shock that I never whipped my camera out. Well, after moving almost a year ago, I paid her a little visit tonight.
I went up to see a friend tonight in the neighborhood and when I left it was late at night. Low and behold the witch's lights were on. I got a crazy, high school adrenaline rush and just went up and rang the door bell. I stepped way back b/c I remember she always came to the door with a weapon!
She recognized me and I saw a smile for the first time ever! She did open the door with a huge 5 foot wooden crystal ball stick she uses for her weapon now. That is her picture showing me where to hit someone in the skull if ever attacked. Apparently, right behind the ear is the thinnest part of the skull. OKAY>>>> moving on. I had to photograph her b/c she really does look like a witch. I am bummed she had a pony tail in b/c her hair is long, white, and wavy. Real life witch hair.
Anyway, she was pleasant and it's almost been one year since I have seen her. I just had to share my photos and bring my witch story to a full closure for myself.

I know my stories of her are beyond entertainment, I mean really... who lives next door to a witch? I am glad I documented it all, but more importantly, I am glad I embraced her and reached out. Maybe someday, the light of Christ will penetrate her heart.

I was glad my children were moved away from her, but I'll always remember the witch and pray that God, who can do all things, will reveal Himself to her. David, my son, remembers her. And I am glad he will remember mommy trying to talk to the crazy lady about Jesus instead of ignoring her. I want to be a light to the darkest of worlds, and hers is one of the darkest I've seen.

Luke 11:33. No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead he puts it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light.

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Ashley said...

Hilarious. She's actually kind of pretty, too. What a shame.

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