Mackenzie- The Intercessor

I have been meaning to blog about this for forever!!! For some reason, Mackenzie has taken over our prayer time.
It could be because she is extremely vocal, but it is pretty darn hysterical to witness her praying.

It started one night at dinner. I guess she didn't like what I was praying for.... so she cut me off and spoke loudly over me....

Tank ew Jeeeesus, for da rolls, bean beans (green beans), ticken (chicken), and duice (juice).
Tank ew Jeeeesus, for Halwey (holly), Dabid (David), mommy and daddy.
Tank ew Jeeeesus, for my people (Little People toys), pin-cesses (her princesses), and tank ew for Jeeeesus.

She will go on, and on, and on. And we just let her. David just rolls his eyes at her. I always ask if he wants to add anything and he says, "No!! I want to eat!!!"
Such a boy. I've been trying to let him pray first, but M still cuts him off too.
If you'd like M to be praying for you..... well you just let me know! I've started giving her my requests =)

Another funny conversation with David this week was about staying far away from the road because of cars. Here goes-
David- "Mommy, I can't go near cars?? Cause why mommy?"
Me- "Well David, you could get really hurt or die if you run out into the road and a car hits you."
David- "Then I go and see Jesus if i die?"
Me- "Yes David."
David- "Well Mommy, what kind of car is Jesus going to come pick me up in? Does he have a big truck?"
Me- (sigh)"Dave, let's just stay out of the road and away from moving cars okay. Mommy would be really sad if you got hurt. And I don't know what kind of car Jesus has."
David- "Oh, well okay mommy. I'll stay away."

Having children and especially vocal children is the greatest joy! *Some days the vocals are a little toooooo joyful for mommy and I have to take a time out and have quiet.
But, I could literally follow them around right now and write their conversations not only with me, but with eachother.
The ages of 4 and 2 have been so fun .Their relationship is adorable and I can't wait for them to be closer and closer the more they grow.

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Cecilia said...

Cuties! I love hearing their stories.

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