I have so much to update on that I am having a BLOG-A-THON this week to catch up!! So this is Day 1.

Blindsided, that is what we were.

First, my dad likes to keep us on our toes. We kicked off spring with him in the ER overnight. Long story short, he was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, had tests and surgury, and is okay now. It is when part of your stomach purtrudes up into your diaphragm. It is complicated, but very common for men in their 50's. Basically, it causes you to strangle... bad side effect. The surgury fixes it and he is on some medication. We are so glad that he is okay! I am so glad our sweet Lord watches over us and always seems to put wise doctors in our path.

Second, at David's 4 year check up, they did a routine eye exam. He was goofing off and acting 4, so they couldn't tell if he couldn't see or if he just wasn't cooperating. They said if I wanted to make sure, take him to a Pediatric Optometrist. I love having peace of mind, so my mother's intuition kicked in and I decided to take him. And I am so glad I did. Turns out my poor baby was practically blind in his left eye. And I had no idea! After freaking out a little, they explained its the only way he has ever seen, so his brain has trained his eyes to "make it work." Basically, his right eye is almost perfect 20/20 and his left eye is 20/100. Thus his left eye being lazy. The plan: David will wear glasses until he is 8 years old, I know! So long!

They are hoping that the left eye will strengthen itself and between the glasses and maybe periods of being "patched" (where they will cover the strong eye for a period of time), he will come off them completely and his eye will correct itself. This happens about half of the time. The other half of kids will stay on glasses because their eye stayed the same, improved a little, or even got worse. They have no idea because you can't predict what an eye will do, but we caught it early. My little man has had a tough time for sure. He does NOT want them on his face =( He can, however, see better! He tells me all the time how well he can see. So, he has a love/hate relationship with them right now. We take them off during his nap/rest time, anything involving water, and at bedtime. Oh, and the trampoline. He is getting used to them more and more everyday, but is definitely aware of other kids not wearing them. Of course, I am his mother and I happen to think he is the most precious child on the planet and looks ridiculously cute. So far, people have said he looks like the little boy from Jerry MacGuire and little Ralphie from The Christmas Story. Ha!! Whatever, but I do pinch his little cheeks all the time! We kind of joke b/c David has similar personality traits of a grumpy old man. He is intense, sensitive, and a little grumpy sometimes. We'll see if his glasses change him at all.... it had to cause frustration and headaches not being able to see clear! And I know he is as smart as a whip b/c the fact he is able to write his name, draw, and do school with one eye is crazy!

This was our first conversation about the glasses:
Mommy- "David, mommy thinks you look SO handsome in your new glasses."
David- "Well, I'll wear them for a little while."
Mommy- "Sweetie, we are going to have to wear them a lot and keep them on so that your eye that is hurt can get better!"
David- "Well.....If I have to wear glasses alot, can I get a cane too?" My poor sweet baby associates glasses with old people b/c we visit my grandma so much at the assisted living home and everyone has canes to walk!
Mommy- "No baby, you don't need a cane. You might hurt yourself of people with that!"
So, here he is!!


Melisa said...

He looks super cute Jen. Definitely like the little kid from Jerry McGuire

Ashley said...

Oh, my gosh! He is too, too cute. I can't stand it! And yes, he is the kid from Jerry McGuire. Wow.

Sara Price said...

seriously...he is the cutest thing ever!!!!! if we can ever get together i am totally showing up with a "little boy" cane!!! :) love ya'll!

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