That's what I heard at sweet David's eye doctor appointment this morning. I got hot, wasn't able to focus on anything else the doctor was saying, and wanted to just cry in the floor and let my 4 and 2 year old console me.

Eye doctors will patch the good eye in hopes of strengthening the bad eye.

To start from the beginning, it was 1 month today that David got glasses. However, he's only been in the glasses for 2-3 weeks since they had to be ordered. We went in today for a checkup for them to see how he was doing.

He had a rough transition. Thank God I got a warranty on those suckers b/c the first week he had them, he would get mad and chunk them on the pavement, throw them on the floor, and once out of the car on the parking lot. He was just over them and didn't really get the importance of them at first. After the first week, he adjusted and slowly has gotten used to them and happy.
SO, you can imagine my SHOCK when they say they are ready to PATCH him. I wanted to say, Can we give him a break please??? Can we give ME a break please?!! But, I didn't. I acted like a big girl and tried to understand everything I could.

It's amazing really. In the 3 weeks David has worn glasses, his eye has gone from 20/100 (remember 20-20 is perfect vision) to a 20/80. So, it's improved a whole level!! So, that let the doctors know that his eye could be "re-trained" to see at the correct refraction.

So, since his eye showed strenthening, they are going full-force. He has to wear the patch 6 hours a day, every day. We'll go back in a month. They will test vision again. If it improves, the patch stays until it improves to 20/20. Then, the patch will go away. I don't know how long it will be, and I did not ask on purpose. Glasses will stay on until age 8 b/c that's when the eye finishes developing. And if they pull the glasses before then, the eye could go back to it's old ways.

So much mothers have to learn. Did you know you would know so much being a mom? Having kids? I have learned a wealth of knowledge about umbilical cords to patches on the eye, sheesh.

Anyway, the sweet Lord allowed this to be a super easy transition. I thought David would FREAK with me patching his eye, but he is more excited about this stupid patch than ice cream. And runs around screaming, "Arrggghhhh!! I'm a pirate!!"

He didn't want to take it off after the 6 hours.... go figure. It's basically a big band-aid with cute sport boy stuff on it and it goes under the glasses. I'll snag a picture soon but I didn't want to whip out the camera quite yet.

I am praying for complete healing for my sons eye. Complete vision restoration. Would you join me? I told David we would ask Jesus to heal his eye.... and I'm too late. God has already started. I know He is going to restore David's vision. And I want David to be apart of seeing Jesus answer prayers. Why not pray that, ya know? We serve a God who is mighty to save.... not to mention, healing the blind.


Megan said...

I want to say I love reading your blog. I love how real you are. I don't know you very well but we went to the same elementary school. I don't normally comment on blogs however I wanted to give you some encouragement. I too have a lazy eye. I have worn glasses since I was two and often had to wear a patch on my eyes during school. It isn't as bad as it may seem. Wearing a patch was actually pretty cool and really helped my eyes progress. Your children are very lucky to have such caring parents.

jennifer said...

Thanks Megan!! What is your last name??
I am so glad you are following along! And thanks for the encouragement, I unfortunately don't know anyone or anyone who has a little one with this!

That is good to hear, and I agree. David thinks its pretty cool. Parents are always the ones to make it a bigger deal than it is :/

Megan said...

My last name then was Dye. I think I was a year or two younger.

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