Get Educated.

So the owner of Tims company has teenagers, and Jesus can you just please save us all? They are a strong, Christian family and their kids to go private christian school, but boy.... let me just tell you how quickly educated you can become hanging out with a teenager. I went into mild hysterics realizng that my children will one day become teenagers.

I am finishing up Elisabeth Elliots book, The Shaping of a Christian Family. And do you know what? She doesn't believe in teen years. She said teenagers is a coined myth that America has come to expect their kids to act a certian way. And, in their household, the teen years were a breeze. She has been amazing to read and study.

Anyway, I overheard the owners teen talking about Star 94's 90s weekend. Her comment to her friend was, "Oh great, Dad is going to listen to this all weekend... old people's music." I am 29 and I've never been labled old. Until now. I think I sometimes believe I can shelter my kids and play ignorance of what is "current" in their age. That's a bad idea. I want to know what's going on with the culture that will have some (hopefully not a lot) influence on who they are as a person.

I remember my parents being very involved with even the music I listened to growing up. I specifically remember coming home one day with the Offspring Cd. My dad opened in, read the lyrics, and the CD was immediatley thrown in the trash. (To my disfortune, I think the first darn song he read was "Bad Habit". Some of the greatest moms and dads out there with teens have facebook accounts and are friends with their kids. They immediately have access to see more about the friends their kids have made. Anyway, just for fun, I downloaded all the top searched songs for your music enjoyment. Even though I have heard some songs/bands.... admittedly, one or two were new to me.... happy listening! I downloaded the top 15 searched songs. And I had to add this.

Tim did a "test" and asked David, "Hey David, what's mommy's favorite music?" And David replied, "Mommy likes Jesus music. And she likes when Jesus sings." Haha! He thinks Jesus is singing in some of the songs, so cute. But seriously, can we all band together in prayer that by the time are kids are teens, Ke$sha will be long gone?!!


Ashley said...

Aww...Jen, I am a Ke$ha fan! And, the dollar sign replaces the "S" in her name...just sayin'! Haha. Since I am a middle school teacher, I am right in the middle of all things teen-related. I'll keep you informed! ;)

jennifer said...

HAHA!!! That's hilarious. Okay, even though I'd rather hear screeching nails on a chalkboard than Ke$sha (and yes, i caught that s = $), I will let you have a pass for listening to her since you are a teen teacher!!

I'm kidding =) I have discovered recently that I may have a slight case of Bieber Fever.... so that may be worse, lol.

And girl, you need to share some teen teaching stories on your blog, i know you must have them!

The Riddle's said...

Love your music selection.

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