Macy-Brooks Tucker

If you find that the sun is shining a little brighter today, your life feeling a little more complete, and you just can't seem to stop smiling....

it's because Miss Macy-Brooks Tucker entered the world healthy and perfect last night at 5pm. 6 lbs, 12 oz and 20 inches long. This is the most prayed for baby I know. My joy is abundant for the Tucker family, as they finally have a baby to hold. Praise the Lord.
Thank you Tuckers, your story has made me hold my babies a little longer every day.


Please Pray

Please pray for this family today. Ashly and Denny are 2 amazing people that we met and are in our small group at church. After much loss through trying to have a baby, they lost their son Brooks through stillbirth at 39 weeks in Sept. 08.
She was able to get pregnant again almost right after. Fast forward and she is going to have this baby and is at the hospital right now!! They did not find out the gender of "Baby T", but he/she will hopefully be here by tomorrow! She is getting an amnio done right now to see if the lungs are mature enough, and if they are she will be induced. Pray that the baby will pass amnio. She is at 37 weeks. She doesn't want to be pregnant any longer than she has to!!

Please pray for this sweet family and the birth of their new baby. For a healthy mama and baby. I am confident that Baby T will be beautiful and perfect.

“For YOU created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful I know that full well.” Psalm 139: 13-14


Losing My Religion

You have to check this out! We go to Northpoint Community Church. I started going there in high school when they hosted "7:22" with thousands of students. I know "mega churches" can get a bad rap and some people don't like contemporary churches, but here's the deal. This church is reaching millions of non christians all over the world with relevant, amazing sermons. They have just launched a live feed on Sunday nights at 6pm from buckhead. So, no matter where you are or who you're with.....go to church!!!

check it out this Sunday @6pm as Andy Stanley kicks off this series called, "Losing My Religion."

click here to go to church!


They've all gone crazy, including me

Luckily, I had the camera out quick enough this time to catch these crazies.
David loves Holly. He loves her so much she is one of the first people to get prayed for every night. Good thing, because she needs prayers being around these 2 hooligans.
He normally goes and wakes her up every morning from her crate. I couldn't find him this morning and this is what I walked in to.

My favorite is this one with her fur sticking out the sides.

Secondly, we take Holly out to pee in the back yard. This morning, David decided that he too wanted to pee out in the yard. Before I could get over to him, he had whipped himself out and was peeing in the back yard with Holly. Oh well, sorry to our neighbors.

On to Mackenzie.....
This is what she should be doing, sitting pretty....

Cutely crawling......

But, this is what she is doing instead. This little crazy is not even 8 months old. She is scaling walls, standing, and cruising. I am in shock and disbelief that this little person has decided to do this already.

She also has decided since last Sunday that her crib is some sort of a torture chamber. She starts crying even when I start walking upstairs when she knows it is naptime/bedtime. Whew....talk about exhausting. She just all of the sudden hates being in there and will completely stop crying when taken out. Obviously, I am fighting this battle because she has to stay in there! If you have never heard a baby cry like their heart is broken, call me. It goes on here 4 x a day. But, I win. She cries and falls asleep.
My sanity has dwindled and I am hoping we get out of this phase soon. I even threw something for the first time going on 6 years of marriage. One night the crying went on for 1 1/2 hr (this is the longest it's been, normally it's only 15-20 min) and I had picked up taco bell for dinner. She just wouldn't stop and when I came downstairs, the first thing I saw was our take out and I just launched it across the room. I was so mad I just fell asleep in my clothes. She stopped crying shortly after. Poor Tim didn't know what to do, so he stayed up and cleaned the mess, mopped the floors, and made everything look perfect downstairs.
Wow, that's all I had to do, huh? Just start throwing stuff ;) Kidding, but he dealt with my mommy meltdown very well.
Anyway, she is the happiest baby around when you don't put her to bed. I even called the doctor and they just laughed. Apparently, it could be a little "separation anxiety" and she is "social" and doesn't want to be "sequestered."
You just have to love your mother, especially mine. She is just straight up, all the time. So am I, so we both normally tell it like it is. When I call her for sympathy....this is what she says..."Jennifer, it's not like anyone forced this on you. You wanted children and chose to have them and this is what children do. They will get past all this." AKA, GET OVER IT. Ha, ha! It makes me laugh.I secretly thinks she is loving it all since I was a handful myself as a little kid. She often reminds me of when I was 2, I jumped out of a boat on the lake. :) Just kidding mom, I love you! And I need to hear all of it!

Lastly, my kodak moment of them playing together so sweetly. Hey, these don't happen often.


The Crap Hitteth The Fan

Well, the fan is the only thing that didn't have crap on it actually. Okay, this is for real.
Today started out good. I woke up tired though. I have been pulling a lot of late nights and early mornings recently just trying to get things done.
Today, one of my best friends from college, Jamie, came over for lunch with her little girl. The kids had fun. I even bragged on David a little bit during lunch about how he has been listening so well recently. Jamie is pregnant and even commented that if they have a little boy that she hopes he is like David. I was thinking, do you even listen to me? see David? why do you hope this? haha, I'm totally kidding. But in all seriousness, we did talk about how we do want our little boys to be wild and crazy. We want to raise a man's man, ya know?
Anyway, I should of known I had it comin'. I put the kids down for naptime. David has been taking naps again randomly. Today, was not the day he was going to do that however. I put them both down and just had to take a powernap. I rarely nap, but I truly couldn't stay awake today. I turned off his monitor b/c he talks for a while and I couldn't sleep. I wake up 30 min later to Mackenzie crying so I run upstairs. Entering the hallway, I hear quiet noises from David's room?? I stop there first and open the door to find him naked. He apparently had an "accident" during naptime and never made it to sleep. And by accident, I mean # 2. The smell alone would make you want to crawl under a rock. It was bad. So, despite the fact he had an accident, he thought that he would try to clean it up!!! At least that's what I am hoping and that he is not some disturbed child making art with his feces. IT WAS EVERYWHERE. No lie. He tried first to use clothes from his drawers to wipe it off. So, random clothing was scattered about the room with crap on it. Then, he tried blankets. Those are among the room also. Lastly, he tried to use his hand to wipe it off his skin and where did he put it?? Oh, on the walls, door, and bed frame. He wasn't crying. He was just quiet and quietly trying to make his mess go away. I literally found myself speechless.
I didn't know what to do. So, what do I do? I drive. That's what I always do.
I put the baby in the car. Wiped down David and put him in the car in just underwear. I made one phone call to Tim and said the following, "You need to come home right now because I am at my breaking point. There is $h!* all over the upstairs and I don't think I can handle one more thing today." I don't even think I waited for a response. I just hung up and drove until I felt like I could calmly speak.
David kept asking me, "Is mommy happy?" I just said, "No, david. Mommy is not happy."
Finally, after driving through the carwash, getting some coffee from a drivethru, I decide to head home. I go through other options in life: getting a job and doing daycare, going back to school, running away.....haha, just kidding. I get a grip and arrive home.
Tim greeted me and was cleaning the whole upstairs. Sweet tim. We fed and bathed the kids. Then, my sweet best friend, Jess,took David for an hour so we could get some dinner. Beer, cheese dip, and some mexican can always cure a bad day.
So, that's it. I like posting my bad days. It makes me feel real. Good days are often and filled with smiles, hugs, and none eventful things. Being a mother is so challenging, that's why I love it. I realize I do not respond perfectly and for that I am thankful for God's grace with me. The labor is long and constant, love has to prevail, strength and consistency have to be 100%, and the part where I have grown the most is having grace with everyone, especially myself.
Thats my life, my beautiful mess. Sorry, no pics for this post.

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