They've all gone crazy, including me

Luckily, I had the camera out quick enough this time to catch these crazies.
David loves Holly. He loves her so much she is one of the first people to get prayed for every night. Good thing, because she needs prayers being around these 2 hooligans.
He normally goes and wakes her up every morning from her crate. I couldn't find him this morning and this is what I walked in to.

My favorite is this one with her fur sticking out the sides.

Secondly, we take Holly out to pee in the back yard. This morning, David decided that he too wanted to pee out in the yard. Before I could get over to him, he had whipped himself out and was peeing in the back yard with Holly. Oh well, sorry to our neighbors.

On to Mackenzie.....
This is what she should be doing, sitting pretty....

Cutely crawling......

But, this is what she is doing instead. This little crazy is not even 8 months old. She is scaling walls, standing, and cruising. I am in shock and disbelief that this little person has decided to do this already.

She also has decided since last Sunday that her crib is some sort of a torture chamber. She starts crying even when I start walking upstairs when she knows it is naptime/bedtime. Whew....talk about exhausting. She just all of the sudden hates being in there and will completely stop crying when taken out. Obviously, I am fighting this battle because she has to stay in there! If you have never heard a baby cry like their heart is broken, call me. It goes on here 4 x a day. But, I win. She cries and falls asleep.
My sanity has dwindled and I am hoping we get out of this phase soon. I even threw something for the first time going on 6 years of marriage. One night the crying went on for 1 1/2 hr (this is the longest it's been, normally it's only 15-20 min) and I had picked up taco bell for dinner. She just wouldn't stop and when I came downstairs, the first thing I saw was our take out and I just launched it across the room. I was so mad I just fell asleep in my clothes. She stopped crying shortly after. Poor Tim didn't know what to do, so he stayed up and cleaned the mess, mopped the floors, and made everything look perfect downstairs.
Wow, that's all I had to do, huh? Just start throwing stuff ;) Kidding, but he dealt with my mommy meltdown very well.
Anyway, she is the happiest baby around when you don't put her to bed. I even called the doctor and they just laughed. Apparently, it could be a little "separation anxiety" and she is "social" and doesn't want to be "sequestered."
You just have to love your mother, especially mine. She is just straight up, all the time. So am I, so we both normally tell it like it is. When I call her for sympathy....this is what she says..."Jennifer, it's not like anyone forced this on you. You wanted children and chose to have them and this is what children do. They will get past all this." AKA, GET OVER IT. Ha, ha! It makes me laugh.I secretly thinks she is loving it all since I was a handful myself as a little kid. She often reminds me of when I was 2, I jumped out of a boat on the lake. :) Just kidding mom, I love you! And I need to hear all of it!

Lastly, my kodak moment of them playing together so sweetly. Hey, these don't happen often.


natalie said...

I can't believe that little person is almost walking!?!!! Oh my you've got your hands full! And you're not alone launching stuff across the room..been there..done that!

Cecilia said...

You've got two cuties on your hands!

Devin said...

LOVING the story about David and the dog! I can just see him whipping it out in the yard to go like the dog does!
Sorry you're having a dose of the crazies, but the kiddos are super cute!

Rachel said...

Samuel loves to pee outside. Boys! I have thrown many a thing when I'm losing it. Kudos to you for making it this long before doing that! And, I'm sorry about McKenzie. I know that's frustrating...it sounds like you may have a strong willed little girl on your hands. Hopefully she will realize the crying gets her nowhere!

Anonymous said...

Luke went through the same thing around that age with the crying when it was bedtime. It was when he started pulling up and cruising, as a matter of fact! It was like he thought he shouldn't have to be contained because he could now walk around. I remember one night when David was gone and I thought I was going to have a quiet evening to myself. I put Luke to bed at 7:30 and he cried until about 30 minutes before David got home around 9:30. Obviously, it wasn't the relaxing evening I was hoping for! It was a short-lived phase, though. Hopefully her's will be, too!

Miss jane said...


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