The Crap Hitteth The Fan

Well, the fan is the only thing that didn't have crap on it actually. Okay, this is for real.
Today started out good. I woke up tired though. I have been pulling a lot of late nights and early mornings recently just trying to get things done.
Today, one of my best friends from college, Jamie, came over for lunch with her little girl. The kids had fun. I even bragged on David a little bit during lunch about how he has been listening so well recently. Jamie is pregnant and even commented that if they have a little boy that she hopes he is like David. I was thinking, do you even listen to me? see David? why do you hope this? haha, I'm totally kidding. But in all seriousness, we did talk about how we do want our little boys to be wild and crazy. We want to raise a man's man, ya know?
Anyway, I should of known I had it comin'. I put the kids down for naptime. David has been taking naps again randomly. Today, was not the day he was going to do that however. I put them both down and just had to take a powernap. I rarely nap, but I truly couldn't stay awake today. I turned off his monitor b/c he talks for a while and I couldn't sleep. I wake up 30 min later to Mackenzie crying so I run upstairs. Entering the hallway, I hear quiet noises from David's room?? I stop there first and open the door to find him naked. He apparently had an "accident" during naptime and never made it to sleep. And by accident, I mean # 2. The smell alone would make you want to crawl under a rock. It was bad. So, despite the fact he had an accident, he thought that he would try to clean it up!!! At least that's what I am hoping and that he is not some disturbed child making art with his feces. IT WAS EVERYWHERE. No lie. He tried first to use clothes from his drawers to wipe it off. So, random clothing was scattered about the room with crap on it. Then, he tried blankets. Those are among the room also. Lastly, he tried to use his hand to wipe it off his skin and where did he put it?? Oh, on the walls, door, and bed frame. He wasn't crying. He was just quiet and quietly trying to make his mess go away. I literally found myself speechless.
I didn't know what to do. So, what do I do? I drive. That's what I always do.
I put the baby in the car. Wiped down David and put him in the car in just underwear. I made one phone call to Tim and said the following, "You need to come home right now because I am at my breaking point. There is $h!* all over the upstairs and I don't think I can handle one more thing today." I don't even think I waited for a response. I just hung up and drove until I felt like I could calmly speak.
David kept asking me, "Is mommy happy?" I just said, "No, david. Mommy is not happy."
Finally, after driving through the carwash, getting some coffee from a drivethru, I decide to head home. I go through other options in life: getting a job and doing daycare, going back to school, running away.....haha, just kidding. I get a grip and arrive home.
Tim greeted me and was cleaning the whole upstairs. Sweet tim. We fed and bathed the kids. Then, my sweet best friend, Jess,took David for an hour so we could get some dinner. Beer, cheese dip, and some mexican can always cure a bad day.
So, that's it. I like posting my bad days. It makes me feel real. Good days are often and filled with smiles, hugs, and none eventful things. Being a mother is so challenging, that's why I love it. I realize I do not respond perfectly and for that I am thankful for God's grace with me. The labor is long and constant, love has to prevail, strength and consistency have to be 100%, and the part where I have grown the most is having grace with everyone, especially myself.
Thats my life, my beautiful mess. Sorry, no pics for this post.


natalie said...

Oh my! I'm speechless!! You're also lucky Tim could come home when you called him. Imagine if he hadn't been there when you got back. You did good though. At least you're the silent type it seems..and you just drive. I need to try that. I'm very very vocal. I have a hard time holding it in. I'm also very loud..not a good combo. I've also thought about the job/daycare, going back to school...and always..the running away thing! There's always tomorrow!! Hopefully no crap included!

Tim Willis Art said...

This is Tim, I want you to know that Jen is not the 'silent' type. I guess things get lost in translation, but definitely not the silent type.

Cathy said...

Wow! Tears in my eyes from laughter,sometimes that's all you can do=) Glad your husband was sweet enough to come home and clean "it" up for you!

Greg Sykes said...

What a crappy day.

That was too easy, sorry.

Rachel said...

I love your bad day stories Jen because they are real life! I am going to try the driving thing. I did it out in Colorado a time or two and sometimes it really is what helps get your sanity back. I can't even imagine cleaning that mess up, so I'm glad Tim did it for you!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I'm a friend of Jamie Smith's and we've met at one of her showers before... anyway, I love reading your blog and getting a good laugh from your stories. I have three, two girls 3.5 and 2.5 and a baby boy. My second girl has stories to go with David's so I'm always glad to know I'm not the only one out there who's losing her mind sometimes. Keep the bad day stories coming... they are real life and encouraging to other sleep-deprived moms like me! -Frances Lightcap

Scott and Katie said...

Wow Jennifer....thats all I can say. Scott's mom said he did the same thing when he was little. He finger painted his entire room with his poop. Oh the memories.

Sara said...

I recently had 2 of those episodes...both a week apart. Chris was home for the first and happened to call when I discovered the second. It kind of just takes your breathe away! But we love them...oh, and I decided not to take pics of that mess either!!!

Meeshin' Around said...

wow - looks like i have a lot to look forward to! Thanks for sharing the real side of being a mom - the good the bad and the stinky! Hope today's a better day!

Mirabel Press said...

geez louise Jenn, I don't know how you do it sometimes, but I always love your stories :)

Tim and Jennifer said...

Thanks for all the encouragement, I need a lot! and Tim, I wouldn't call you the silent type either mister ;) Anyway, I'm glad to hear there are other stories out there similar to this. Some days I wonder, is my life the only life out there that seems this ridiculous? Oh well, glad I can give others a good laugh out there....and thankful I can laugh about it too, most days anyway.

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