Here they are! If you haven't ever taken 2 small kids to get their picture made, or taken, then you may not realize what a big feat this was for me!

So, all in all, this made my day!

David 2 years and 10 months
Mackenzie 7 months

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Bethany said...

Absolutely beautiful children!! And yes, having pics made with 2 small kids is a huge undertaking. Josh is a photographer and we can't get any pics of our kids...we always have to take them somewhere to get major pics done b/c they just won't sit still at home. They are adorable, though. Hope all is well with you guys.

Sara said...

They are the cutest! Lets try to get together next week!

Rachel said...

oh girl...I know! I am always asking myself if it's worth it when I try to get prof pics done which is why I just ended up buying my own dang camera so I can pretty much try it on my own whenever i want:)! Its such a cute pic of your two! Yay!

Cecilia said...


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