Flew the Coup

I have formed a little bit of an attachment to these birds. Dave and I go and visit them throughout the day. Sadly, I think today is the last day we will see them. Here are these little guys perched up on the nest ready to take off. I used this as a good illustration to tell David that one day he will leave the nest. Or he will be kicked out, haha!

We had a family party last night and celebrated Jessica's birthday! David loves corn on the cob, but we had to monitor him closely to make sure he didn't use the "holders" as weapons.

Mackenzie was all over the place of course. She is walking and talking and doing gymnastics. Just kidding, but she does say mama and dada and I swear this kid is going to walk soon :)

Other random things from this week: I got David a pair of flip flops yesterday because he kept trying to steal other kids' at playgroup without them noticing. He is so obsessed and fascinated with them that he won't even take them off. He even went to bed with them on. He has also mastered the skill of changing our thermostat this week. Yesterday afternoon I swore I was pregnant again due to hot flashes until I realized it was set at 85 degrees and watched him drag his stool over to change it again. The kid is like a miniature Macgyver.
He has also become a "little mommy" to Mackenzie. If he sees her getting into something he'll say, "Let's not play with that Kenzie, let's not play with that!" He will redirect her and take things from her. It's pretty funny. Lastly, with all these storms recently, David does NOT like the "funder" as he calls it. He will hide completely under his covers and cry. It's so sad. So, I go in until the funder passes. Hmmm, all I can think of now because my brain is fried :)


Scott and Katie said...

Jennifer you crack me up. I would love to meet your kids one day.

Ashley said...

Wow...I totally believed you there for a second about Mackenzie walking. I couldn't believe it! Ha! I would love to see a picture of David wearing his flip flops to bed...too cute. Oh, and I think Mackenzie looks just like him. They have the same eyes.

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