I have to remember that this happened because it made my day. Last night getting ready for dinner:

Tim : "What's the matter with David, is he deaf or something?"

Me: "No, why?"

Tim: "I keep asking him to do something and he won't do it."

Me: "Awesome. It's called 'selective hearing' and he must have gotten that from you. That and he is 2 1/2 and just onery sometimes."
Funny definition to me: unpleasant in disposition or temper.

I love when Tim comes home and makes observations that I am so used to about our kids, it's funny.

Also, Mackenzie has gone from army crawling to on all fours. She will crawl a few steps and then finish with army crawling. She is nuts. David thinks this is neat and has started crawling again too. Sweet babies!


Cecilia said...

Too funny! Hubby has selective hearing but he can't blame it on being 2 1/2 =)

Kate Kear said...

Selective hearing but run in boys 'cause Nate and Brennan both have it, also. Brennan is also 2 1/2, what a fun age!!

Kelly G said...

hahahahah.. that just made me laugh!! Oh it's so true.. husbands and selective hearing :)

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