Just a Bad Day

I really do have more good days than bad, but when they are bad.....they're real bad. You can sometimes tell if a day is going to go south depending on how your kids wake up. So, this isn't cute and it's not even funny, but what the hell.....it's just a bad day.
And I blame cussing on marriage and children.

It actually started yesterday afternoon. The bug man came to do an annual termite inspection. We didn't have termites, good news. However, he told me I had a colonies of fire ants and they were going to take over the house if I didn't pay him $600 to get rid of them. What is it with bug men trying to rip me off?! Read rip off story number one here. He then told me an ant story of when they got into someone's house and got in the crib and attacked a baby. He tells me this while I am holding my baby. I basically kicked him out, loaded the kids, and we went to Lowe's and spent $50 on fire ant granules and spray for the yard to do it my freaking self. That ticked me off.

Today, I woke up to what I thought was an avalanche happening in our kitchen. But, low and behold it was my husband filling a thermos with ice at 7:30 in the morning. Not only was I awoken, but both children were abruptly woken up as well. I stumbled out of bed and Tim did not get a nice greeting from me today.

I get everyone up and fed, fast forward to trying to get out of the house for playgroup. Mackenzie is so fast with army crawling and inch worming, that I can't take my eye off her for a second because she will crawl away. She also has started putting everything in her mouth and found the dog's bone this morning. Sorry Holly, no more bones for you. I take David to potty really fast and when we pull his pants down, toys are everywhere. He has started "stashing" stuff in his pants. Awesome, he is going to become Mr. Klepto. I finally get in the car and head to my friends.

It is Mackenzie's nap time so I figure I'll put her down in my friend's crib during playgroup. Ha, ha, ha. She was NOT having that. She flipped out when I put her in a different crib. She started ramming herself into the side of the crib and throwing a little fit. I take a break and then go back up and try to rock her and put her down. As soon as I get her to sleep, another mom comes to the door to tell me that David is in trouble.

He had thrown a toy car at another little boy and made his lip bleed. ahhh. I have no idea what happened, but he threw a car at this little boy and I am so frustrated because I thought we were past the "throwing toys" phase. Apparently, not. So, I awaken Mackenzie, make David tell the little boy he is sorry, and make him tell his friends goodbye because we are leaving since he cannot play nicely.

I loaded them in the car and told David he was getting a spanking as soon as we got home. Mackenzie of course, loved being woken up and at this point has entered "meltdown."

We get home, I discipline David and put him in his room for time out and so I can deal with Mackenzie. I feed her a bottle and lay her in her crib hoping this solves the problem. I go in to get David and he has destroyed his room. He was "getting me back" by turning over his night stand with books, throwing everything on his dresser in the floor, ect.
I am so mad at this point I can't even do anything.

I go downstairs and everyone is screaming at the top of their lungs. I call Tim and tell him I am over it and am one second away from leaving the house with both of them the kids screaming in their beds.

I decide against that and load everyone into the car. Drivin n Cryin is not only a band, but a literal part of my day.

About 10 minutes into my drive, they are both passed out. I drive about 20 minutes up past Jasper, Ga. I am so mad all I can do is drive. I drive and pray whatever demons have taken over will leave.
It's funny how when my kids wake up with huge smiles and look so innocent.....it melts my heart and I have love to give once again.

So, you are always supposed to end a negative with a positive, right?

The only positive thing I can think of right now is that I am going to be "jacked" from P90X because it is my outlet for motherhood.

The End.


The Mauntel's said...

We'll make sure our house is full of "positve energy" before ya'll come over tonight! And me being the germ-a-phobe that I am, will make sure Maddie brings her own toys over :)

See you tonight...

Cathy said...

Yikes, hope your day and the rest of the week gets better=)

Mrs Gina K said...

Wow! I hope & pray that the smiles continue for you!

We do P90X together every night! It's AWESOME! We've been doing it for about 6 weeks now!

Ashley said...

I'm sorry, Jen. That is a very bad day. When it rains, it pours, huh? Tomorrow is a new day. :)

Chef Willis said...

Chef and Momo can come get the little tykes tomorrow morning and bring them here for swimming and lunch and hopefully wear them out for naps back at home! And/or will come babysit while you go out on a super fun date!!! Let us know...

The Mauntel's said...

We're missing some toys, Jen. Can you check David's pants :)

Joshua and Mary Schwambach said...

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart! My two year old stuffs his gatherings in his shirt. I crack up reading your baby stories because sometimes are days are so similar. I sure love these babies but with diaper changes, feedings, nursing, disciplining, housework and cooking oooh weee it's hard some days!

Miss jane said...


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