mommy's little firecrackers!!

I am excited about the 4th of July this year! We have parades, cookouts, and will take the kids to some fireworks!
I love any holiday, really, so you better bet we are decked out over here.

Here are the kids in their sweet little celebration outfits.

The yard is "flagged" and ready! (Yes, our house looks very beachy and we live in the North Georgia mountains, whatever).

Things to remember:
David, (I think) is really starting to enter a sweet little phase. He loves hugs, LOVES his mommy, and has been saying, "I want mommy to be so happy!" It's funny he says that because we tell him that it makes mommy, daddy, and Jesus sad when he acts bad.

He is kind of obsessed with riding his little bike. He will pack his things and tell us bye and ride off through the house. I know, bikes are outdoor toys, but with how hot it's been....they are all inside... Oh well.

Also, he calls noodles, "nudes". This is kinda funny when he says in public, "Mommy, I like nudes." I just smile and say, "Me too, honey."

Mackenzie is definitely a little firecracker! She is going to be feisty, you can just tell. She gets her little way. I am glad she is going to be tough though because she's got a tough big brother! I can't believe how she is practically crawling....she may be crazier than David because he wasn't doing this as early as her!

It seems like it always takes us about 6 months to adjust to life and having a "new normal." I feel like we are there now with 2 children. As far as sleep is concerned, I work really hard on their schedule. I really believe the Lord helps us when we ask! This is the verse I pray for them every night.

"I will sleep in peace O Lord for you alone make me dwell in safety." Psalms 4:8 One of my favorite things to do, every night, is go in really late and check on them, pull their covers up, ect. I love seeing them sleep and think it's the most precious thing ever. It is something I'll always remember about being a mommy.

He has really answered my prayers over here and helps us all sleep in heavenly peace (most nights :)

Happy 4th!

Wow. I was really going to try and not share anything mischievous that David had done, but as I was finishing this blog post, he emptied a tube of anti itch (bug bite) cream on the dog. Great.


The Berls said...

Their outfits are so cute!! And Mackenzie is so sweet...what a fun laugh she has going on!!

katie davis said...

that's such a great picture of them! they look like they have lots of fun together=)

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