After only 4 months, Paul and Brandi (my sister and her husband) have sold their home in Kennesaw, Ga. Paul got a job promotion/ relocation in Savannah, Ga. They have been living apart during the week and he has traveled home on the weekends for 4 months.....until now! Their house went under contract last week and they are set to close at the end of the month, praise the Lord!
While I am very sad that I am losing a close-by sister, nephews, and best friend....it is so good for their family to be reunited and start their life together in Savannah. And, we do already have our first trip planned for next month!
We will be helping them a lot these next few weeks and getting them ready for the big move. They have a few offers out on houses down there now and are hoping to land one soon.....but, if not, they will stay in a hotel provided by Paul's job down there until they find a home.
Please keep them in your prayers as we sadly say goodbye. Our kids are going to miss eachother a lot also. They are all around a year apart. They also live across the street from my mom and dad so they are very sad also. It's so bittersweet....Congratulations and See you soon, not goodbye.

Brandi and I

David, Jonathan, Michael, Mackenzie

4 Generations of women, Me, Brandi, Mom, Mom's mother, Mackenzie

Jonathan and David, they speak the same language.


natalie said...

oh how happy and sad at the same time! I know she is so happy to be reunited with her hubby--been there-done that--NOT FUN! At least now you have a cool place to go vacation :)
ps-you pick the most perfect songs on here! I want to know how to get music on my blog!

Cecilia said...

I know it's hard to be farther away from family, but I can tell you it makes you appreciate them even more. I didn't think that was possible, but it makes our time together much more intentional. Plus, you get a neat place to visit =)!

Sara said...

Catching up on the blog world...and am so excited to hear that they sold their house! Another prayer answered! Can't wait to see you guys!

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