The Healing Begins

I am SO darn pumped today!!! If you've read about David's vision and our road so far with glasses and patching, here is an update:

My sweet baby is being healed by the minute!

I took David in for his pediatric optometrist appointment today and guess what?!!

That patch has done miracles and Jesus is healing my son's eye. In only 4 weeks with the patch on 6 hours a day, his eye went from a 20/80 to a 20/50.
When we first went in it was a 20/100 and glasses alone brought it to a 20/80.

3 whole levels in 4 weeks, out of control!! The optometrist about had a turkey right there in the office! She said when we come back in 6 weeks his eye should be at 20/20 or pretty darn close if it heals at the same rate.


And David was beaming. And silly me said, "David!! We have to call Daddy and tell him right now about your eye!" He looked at me and said, "But Mommy, we have to call and tell Jesus first!"

I swear I cry every day. Please keep praying for my boy!



Everyone always asks me about TWINS! Well, they run in my family. Although we have been pregnant with 2 sets ( 1 unsuccessful, the other half successful- thank you Lord for my sweet Mackenzie!)
Anyway, risks double a lot when you are pregnant with twins, but thank you LORD for my sweet grandma and her twin sister for celebrating 77 years this weekend!!!

Happy Birthday sweet Nell and June.

I love them. And they are adorable. June lives in Texas and came to visit for the weekend. It's bittersweet to see them together b/c my grandma Nell has suffered from dimentia and alzhiemers and moved into assisted living this past year. But, June is as sharp as a tack. They are still so much alike though and it's really sweet.

And here is "Jammie" reading to her 4 great grandchildren! They are peas in a pod!
There are 2 other random sets of twins in extended family, but the other set that is directly in my bloodline is that Nell's husband, my grandpa (deceased), had a twin brother and sister.
Bill and Lillian. Bill actually lives on the same street as us b/c his mother was Nellie Mae!
(isnt that funny my grandmas name is Nell and her mother in law was Nellie Mae?)

So neat. I am more and more thankful and keep researching Nellie Maes history living here on her territory. I have so many more fun stories to come about her!
So, Nell and Nellie Mae are responsible for all these twins everywhere. Well, and our sovereign God of course! We give God the glory for the lives He has chosen to create and sustain, since none of us deserve life anyway.


Free Zoo Passes

Zoo Atlanta has teamed up with Georgia Public Libraries to give families a FREE trip to the zoo!
All you do is go to the library and check out the Free Zoo Pass DVD with a valid library card. Upon returning the DVD, a voucher for 2 adults and 2 children to go to the zoo is given! You have to use the pass within 7 days of receiving it.
Children 2 and under are free all the time also!

My sister and I took the kids the day after Easter and I am just now getting around to putting the pictures up! The kids had a blast, they were at the perfect ages (ranging 2 to 5). They really enjoyed all the animals and had a blast at the park!

Here is a website for more information on the free zoo pass. You can also call the Georgia Library Main Branch and call ahead to see which branch has the pass available (not being checked out) so you don't waste a trip! We just called ahead and then went to pick it up! It took a week of calling, but I finally was able to check it out and we went for free and had a blast!

yes, my son is the one holding a leaf in front of his face


Jens 4 ingredient Homemade Nut Butter

My kids, well me too, are big fans of peanut butter. I have bought the organic, the kind you have to stir, and tried so many.

Bottom line. I feel like it all tastes the same no matter the price or brand. So, I've been researching how to make your own nut butter and came up with this!!!

Feel free to experiment on your own. Mine came out of a desperation for lunch today as I opened an empty can of peanut butter.

I had almonds, walnuts for some muffins i was going to make, honey, and coconut oil we use to cook veggies in and other random things.

So, just dump it all in a food processor and there you go.
I used approximately,

1 heaping cup almonds (i buy in bulk at costco, $8 for 2.5 lbs)
1/2 heaping cup walnuts (publix brand, $2.50)
swirled honey around it all 3 or 4 times
2 heaping tablespoons of coconut oil (you can buy online cheap, or publix, $8)

You can add more nuts or more oil depending on if you want it really creamy, more oil=more creamy.

just pick out some of your favorite nuts and go at it! I used almonds and walnuts just because they are a little healthier than peanuts.


My Mothering Heart

Happy Mother's Day!

It was a joy to spend it with my 2 little precious angels. I took them for some photos, and here is my favorite. I'm not a huge fan of the staged, serious, boring photos.... so we went with this. It's them to a "T".

We spent the weekend with family and on Sunday after church, we hung out at the Marietta Square. (Our church is on the square and only miles from our house). The kids love playing on the train every Sunday after church. There always seems to be a festival going on there too!

Tim got me pottery classes for Mother's Day, and I am so pumped!! It is 8 weeks, 2 hours on one evening night a week! I may suck at it, but I am really excited about doing it. Ha! It will be a great little break and project time for this stay at home mama!

Other updates: Tim is still super slammed, I am still hanging on to my last 2 families that I clean for, we still have a huge mess in our backyard from taking trees down at Nellie Mae. David is still a rockstar with the patch, going for a vision check on the 24 so pray for him, and Mackenzie is saying the most hilarious things I have ever heard!

We joined the YMCA for the summer and I feel so blessed and excited. We spent the day there at the pool and the kids think it is heaven!

Again, Happy Mother's Day and to those who are trying to be a mom or have lost a mom, my deepest sympathy and prayers are with you. Not everyone's mothers day is happy every year so I have learned.

Just remember God is the creator and sustainer of life. None of us are promised tomorrow nor do any of us deserve life today.

We humbly give our life and plans to Him and ask for His grace and mercy along the way.


My Child

I think it's just across the board hard to see your child struggle.

Here is David and his patch. We are going on day 5 and it's amazing how something so hard can become so normal!

He still loves the patch and asks for it when he wakes up. I try and just have it on him when we are going to be at home for a 6 hour stretch. I am thankful we may get this patch off in time for preschool this fall. It really is the Lord that has given David this excitement about it. I can't imagine only seeing out of a bad eye. I just have to watch him close so he doesn't hurt himself (no bike riding, ect) with it on.

Anyway, this is his favorite patch with the spaceships so far.

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