Jens 4 ingredient Homemade Nut Butter

My kids, well me too, are big fans of peanut butter. I have bought the organic, the kind you have to stir, and tried so many.

Bottom line. I feel like it all tastes the same no matter the price or brand. So, I've been researching how to make your own nut butter and came up with this!!!

Feel free to experiment on your own. Mine came out of a desperation for lunch today as I opened an empty can of peanut butter.

I had almonds, walnuts for some muffins i was going to make, honey, and coconut oil we use to cook veggies in and other random things.

So, just dump it all in a food processor and there you go.
I used approximately,

1 heaping cup almonds (i buy in bulk at costco, $8 for 2.5 lbs)
1/2 heaping cup walnuts (publix brand, $2.50)
swirled honey around it all 3 or 4 times
2 heaping tablespoons of coconut oil (you can buy online cheap, or publix, $8)

You can add more nuts or more oil depending on if you want it really creamy, more oil=more creamy.

just pick out some of your favorite nuts and go at it! I used almonds and walnuts just because they are a little healthier than peanuts.


Amber Vestal said...

Thanks for experimenting all these things so I can reap the benefits of your work :) I'll have to try this!

Brandon and Jamie said...

awesome!! i am totally making this. or, we could just make it together. :)

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