Everyone always asks me about TWINS! Well, they run in my family. Although we have been pregnant with 2 sets ( 1 unsuccessful, the other half successful- thank you Lord for my sweet Mackenzie!)
Anyway, risks double a lot when you are pregnant with twins, but thank you LORD for my sweet grandma and her twin sister for celebrating 77 years this weekend!!!

Happy Birthday sweet Nell and June.

I love them. And they are adorable. June lives in Texas and came to visit for the weekend. It's bittersweet to see them together b/c my grandma Nell has suffered from dimentia and alzhiemers and moved into assisted living this past year. But, June is as sharp as a tack. They are still so much alike though and it's really sweet.

And here is "Jammie" reading to her 4 great grandchildren! They are peas in a pod!
There are 2 other random sets of twins in extended family, but the other set that is directly in my bloodline is that Nell's husband, my grandpa (deceased), had a twin brother and sister.
Bill and Lillian. Bill actually lives on the same street as us b/c his mother was Nellie Mae!
(isnt that funny my grandmas name is Nell and her mother in law was Nellie Mae?)

So neat. I am more and more thankful and keep researching Nellie Maes history living here on her territory. I have so many more fun stories to come about her!
So, Nell and Nellie Mae are responsible for all these twins everywhere. Well, and our sovereign God of course! We give God the glory for the lives He has chosen to create and sustain, since none of us deserve life anyway.

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Jessica said...

Aw, happy birthday Jammie!

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