it's YOUR birthday!

Okay, this article was too good for people not to know! I am loving my new writing job and getting to research and write about really neat things, free stuff!

Restaurants offer so much now when you go on your birthday (drinks, desserts, songs, and even meals!)


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Don't you dare pay on your birthday :)


Cathy said...

Hey Jennifer, love all you little money saving articles. Maybe you could look into Steak n Shake. We ate there the other night and on Saturday and Sundays kids eat free for every $8 you spend=) I don't know if it's everywhere,but our kids both ate free!

megan and nick said...

Ok, I'm a lurker on your blog...I found yours through Sara and Chris's blog. I love reading all of your stories--your kids sound great! I now subscribe to your Frugal Living articles. I was at Costco the other day and thought of you. As I was leaving, I saw a "restaurant of the month" sign. Apparently, Costco chooses one restaurant each month and Costco customers get a discount at the restaurant. I can't remember what the restaurant was for my Costco (by Cumberland Mall), but Costco members get 30% of their meal there. Thought you might want to check it out if you haven't already...sorry for the long comment!

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