Jen's Favorite Things Part Deux

I have done one post like this before.....click here to read the first one. Whenever I come across things I love and that make my life easier, I love to share them!
I love having "items" that work and do a great job. Once I find a favorite, I become a stickler.
Here they are!

1. A Lemon, Lime, or heck...even an Orange!

Throw just the peels, cut it in half and save the other for later, or just chunk in the whole thing down that nasty garbage disposal. It eliminates any odor and leaves behind and amazing smell, that comes from a disposal, Ha!

2. Dawn Dishsoap

I hate to be a dish soap snob, but I clean a lot of pots and pans. Dawn is the only one that really does clean them with the littlest amount of soap, leaving behind no smeary residue. It also comes in some amazing scents. Save time and use some Dawn :)

3. Pledge Clean & Fresh Orange Dry Cloths

These electrostatic disposable cloths are spectacular! Rarely do I pull out the furniture polish, so I found these and trashed the feather duster! They really make it look like you just dusted and leave behind a really nice orange smell. They are super cheap and come with 16 in a packet. Look out for coupons, you can double up on sales/coupons. Don't you dare pay full price :)

4. Bug Spray

This natural bug spray will keep all the bugs off your crops this year (flowers and veggies). It's natural so you don't have to worry about that! It has worked great this summer so far and kept those nasty June bugs far away!

5. Ocean Spray Sugar Free Drink Mix

With it being so hot, water just doesn't do it for me all the time! We have been drinking pitchers of this stuff! It is cheap, delicious, and sugar free! (I am aware it has artificial sweeteners, but its mainly just flavored water) David loves it too. One can makes 6- 2 qt. pitchers, yum! My favorite flavor right now is Cran Pomegranate. Other brands that make this are Wylers Light, Crystal Light, ect.

Okay, one funny conversation with the wild man.

Fly Story: (David hates flies)
D- Mommy, I don't like that fly. Move it, mommy.
Me- It's okay David, its just a fly. Flies are friends. (this is my new tactic).
D- It's my friend?
Me- Yes, David. Its a friend.
D- I want him to come inside.
Me- Okay, pick him up and bring him inside then.
D- NO!! I dont like him anymore, mommy throw him away!

Oh, well. It was worth a shot.
Other news: Mackenzie is army crawling, I can't believe so early! She is probably trying to get away from David.

Anyway, I realize this post was very housewifey, but what the heck. That's what I am. I'd love to hear other favorite summer items of anyone out there! I am always looking for someone's opinion of the best!


Scott and Katie said...

I'll just call you Suzy Homemaker! What great products.

Rachel said...

Vinegar and water in a spray bottle...cleans just about anything and it's environmental friendly!

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