Jen's favorite things...

Okay, look. I realize my life revolves around cleaning, cooking, and children right now....so if yours does too....you'll appreciate this! If not, just wait....you too will find yourself having a new interest.
I know this officially makes me lame, but these are my favorite things!!! I love having a clean house and I have slowly found some stuff I love to make it fun and also some things to help cut corners :)....I am all about making life easier.

Here they are!
#1 Favorite.....Clorox Greenworks.
Its a little more expensive (not if you have coupons), but it cleans awesome, is good for the environment, and mainly....it smells AMAZING.... like margaritas actually!!! and hey, since the past 3 years I've been pregnant or nursing atleast I can smell one :)

#2 Favorite...2000 Flushes
This is my shortcut one...even though you still have to deep clean your toilet....these bad boys will buy you up to a month of your potty looking clean! I used to feel like all i did was scrub a toilet, but these are super cheap and worth it!!! my opinion...i dont like the blue so i buy the white even though its a little strong scent at first.

#3 Favorite.... Swiffer Wet Jet
I like this because it is so fast, smells great, and very convenient. Just whip it out, mop, and put it back....no mess to clean up.

#4 Favorite... Automatic Shower cleaner
Okay, I'm really not a lazy person, but showers get nasty so fast....although deep cleaning is still needed, this cleaner helps you not clean it as often AND it never gets that dirty. All you do is literally press a button. The paper runs coupons for these pretty regularly as well.

Well, thats it. Now I feel like Oprah... but, I have searched for years and finally feel like I have found some things that make my life easier so I thought I'd pass them along :)


Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

I love how we have the same passion for cleanliness :)

Cecilia said...

My favorite thing is my magic eraser! We have really hard water and it works wonders. We have white appliances too and it is good to get finger prints and smudges off also.

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