Mackenzie's Half Birthday!

Well, baby girl Mackenzie turns 6 months old today! We went to the doctor this morning and I will use his words, "She is perfect." Of course, I agree. Weighing in at a whopping 15 1/2 lbs. she falls into the 75th percentile in everything. She was such a champ and only cried for a second when she got 3 shots!

Okay, stories this week:
Mackenzie was laying in the floor with toys and David was across the room reading books. I got up to run to the kitchen and get her bottle. (FYI, I am about done nursing and going to say hello to P90X, can't wait. Thats why sexy back is on.). Anyways, when I come back, Mackenzie is across the room next to David. She cannot crawl yet so I am very confused. I ask David, "How did Mackenzie get over there?" He says, "I pull her, Mommy." And with that picks up her arms and drags her on her tummy wherever he wants her to go. I had to gently explain that he cannot pull her around the house. Funny part is that she LOVES him and never cried.

This is PG 13. Our friend, George, and also neighbor came by to bring Tim some of his tools back. We have been working on expanding a storage closet so things are a little "out of place." I've moved stuff around, reorganizing, ect. Well, David wandered off into our bedroom while we were catching up with George and ran out screaming with some big "dice" in his hands. Before we could get them he ran right up to George with them. My face turned bright red b/c these "dice" were some sex dice I got as a white elephant gift one year. George was so cool, he just laughed and said, "Say no more, that's funny." That's why sexy back is on.

We hope you will still come over, George. You never know what a 2 year old is going to pull out when you have company.

Anyway, Happy Half Birthday Mackenzie!!!



Scott and Katie said...

Can I just tell you....you crack me up! Dice...huh?

Meeshin' Around said...

ok - that's hilarious...I can just see her being slid across the room on her tummy...and the dice - I am taking note of things to keep on the "higher shelves" - my friend says her 2-yr old comes out of the room with "contraceptives" all the time - usually while her parents are there!

natalie said...

I am rolling yet again! So stinkin funny! Sexy back was so appropriate!! Sure those dice were a white elephant gift~! *wink* if sexy is comin back the dice may be too!

The Berls said...

sweet mackenzie..crazy david! oh, next post for your frugal column---fun, cheap vacations!!

David Wilhite said...

Hey Jen
Yeah, I read and really enjoy the updates. David cracks me up. And I guess I have to get married before I know what sex dice are...

Ashley said...

Love the pics. That red barn is gorgeous! And, as always, I enjoyed a good laugh. :)

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