Making the Doughnuts

Growing up, my mom always said "Time to get up and go make the doughnuts!!" Doughnuts as in $$$$. So funny to me. I say that to David a lot and he laughs b/c we LOVE dunkin donuts over here, coffee and the donuts!! I by no means think that we were put on this Earth to just make money, we believe strongly in the Great Commission and if you can find what God put you here for and be successful, well then that is a plus!! I would trade contentment over money any day of the week! Anyway, everyone I talk to or see is asking me about Tim and the new company launch!! If you missed it, he does Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, thus... HVAC. You can wow people now that you know what it stands for =) Well, it is going absolutely gangbusters as Tim and I say when we get over-crazy busy! For the past 5 years, the company has been busier and busier. But, THIS year, they are hitting record numbers and it is only April! Tim is super happy, super busy, and fulfilling ever God given talent he has between doing hands on service, repair, installations, maintainence, sales, and business development. I really can't say more than that, other than if you know the quest we've been on to find what God would have us do here on this Earth for Tim as a career, this is it!!! We are coming up on the 1 year mark (April 23) from when our house sold and Tim was laid off. It is MIND BLOWING what the Lord has chosen to do with us over the past 12 months. I did start a house cleaning business a year ago, and gladly and sadly have had to cut all my people out but 2. It was the original plan, for me to do my business until we resumed normal life. I'm having a hard time letting it go now though! It's become a little outlet for me, so I think as of now I may keep my 2 families! It's really nice feeling like I can contribute a little and have a break from itty bitties at home! So, that's our status. We've literally almost hit every stressful event in the past 12 months, but God is so faithful. For so long it felt like God left us in the storm.... and for what it is worth, my mindset is forever changed. It is during those times in the storms that I learn the most about myself, my faith, and God's relentless love for me to know him more. And because of that, I am forever glad we can praise Him in the storms. Here is Tim's company's website if you need some HVAC work! It is under construction, but has company info posted! http://www.abramsair.com/

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