Jack of all Trades...

This is so ridiculous i just had to post it. Tim is very into... hmmm, well everything it seems. The other night I asked him what some of his favorite hobbies were and he reeled off about 35 things. The same night this is our conversation...

Tim: I'll be right back (while we are watching TV)

45 minutes later....

Me: Timmmmmm??? Where did you go?!
So, i go look for him. I find him at the desk and he had drawn this... a caricature of our kids...

Seriously?! Who just does this?
Okay, you don't believe me? Here is a list of his hobbies, which by the way, all come with their own set of crap...no wonder I can't keep the freakin garage and closets organized....i give up.

fly fishing
deer hunting
wake boarding
Frisbee golf
fixing cars
repairing/renovating a house
building stuff
cartoonist (was ours at college)
canoe, until he sunk it
motorcycle, but he sold it
rock climbing
and apparently, caricatures.....

After showing Tim this list our conversation goes like this:

Tim: So, what are YOUR hobbies?

Me: 1. There is no more room for hobbies and
2. My hobby has become keeping all your hobbies and their crap together

Is this just a guy thing?! Seriously, if there is a hobby not listed...please don't ever invite my husband to do it.
To those of us who know Tim, we like to call him the Jack of all Trades....Master of None.
Ha ha. I always like to add in that last part. love you honey.


The Mauntel's said...

Tim plays frisbee golf? There's a course right around the corner. We'll have to play some time.

I didn't see cornhole on the list. Come on over and we'll make it 36.

Ashley said...

Wow! That's really good! I want him to draw one of Easton! You think he would?

You know, he could go to NGCSU for Spring Jam and do them there. Ha! Just a thought...


Tim and Jennifer said...

I'm going to pretend like I didn't read yours. j/k. we actually love cornhole....and tim plays around the corner so yall will have to go :)

I'll get him to look at your blog and do one, he'd love it!

Rachel said...

That' caricature is REALLY cute!

NotQuiteaBride said...

I just read this out loud to Vince, and he laughed so hard. he goes, " man, I love that guy"

because Vince is the exact same way! They need to get together and hobby it up! Although, I don't know where guys think all of this free time is going to come from?!?!

Anonymous said...

My husband is the same way! Before we got married, I cleaned out all his closets and there was equipment for the most random stuff, like hiking, camping, hockey - all of which I had never heard of him doing in the 3.5 years we had been dating! He has done everything at one time or another, though, and buys EVERYTHING that goes with whatever he's interested in at the time. It must be a guy thing!

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