Christ, My Savior

I am finishing up the book, Blue Like Jazz. We are reading it in our small group at church and I have LOVED it! I definitely recommend reading it if you have not. Its such a relevant book about Christianity for our culture. What I love most is the simplicity it brings in having a relationship with God. I like to keep it simple and especially when telling others what you believe, the author Donald Miller says this:

The message is that man sinned against God and God gave the world over to man, and that if somebody wanted to be rescued out of that, if somebody for instance finds it all very empty, that Christ will rescue them if they want; that if they ask forgiveness for being a part of that rebellion then God will forgive them.

This encouraged me.... Christ is relevant because he wants to not just be with you for eternity, but to give your life purpose and peace every day. I have hope because He is in control of my life....and thank goodness I'm not!!

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