There is this place. It's like heaven.

Every house looks perfect. The grass is green. The sand is white. The breeze is always blowing.
You bike to get coffee. You lose track of time. You become intoxicated by this place.
Your children play on the beach for hours on end. You wake up to no alarm and before your kids because they are so tired from the sun. You think you are in a dream.

That's what it is like in Seaside, Florida. It hasn't always been this way, this post made me laugh and cry again, because our children hit the perfect ages to travel with. A few years ago, I swore I would never take a vacation again. Ever. This trip redeemed  every bad trip we have had with babies.

I was so lazy I didnt take any photos, thank you wonderful sister in law Jessica!! Tim's grandparents started this tradition 22 years ago. They made it their family vacation spot.  I met Tim 12 years ago and since we've been married I have gotten to spend 9 years being apart of this tradition. We hope to make it our own life-long place as well. We have made unbelievable memories there.... from being newly weds to being pregnant on the beach, David started crawling there, to now having our little preschoolers run up and down the beach and being 30. It's crazy. We were also so thankful to go with amazing family.... Tims parents and my 2 brother in laws plus wives and 1 nephew! We are so blessed to have family that we are incredibly close with. And big compliments to the Chef- Tim's dad cooked all week for us...... it's a good thing I'm renovating a house because all we did was eat, eat, and EAT!!!

We were sad to leave, but also completely rejuvenated to come home and get a much needed second wind on the house renovation. I have been painting the exterior of our house this week and we just finished getting ALL of our tools organized. No more talk of work.... this post was completely dedicated to the best vacation we've taken as a family of four yet!!

where we spent our entire trip

downtown seaside

all we did was eat

and eat some more- food trucks in seaside

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