New Stage of Life.

Whitewater, the lake with my family on their boat, birthday parties, play dates, pool with friends, popsicles, sprinklers in the lawn, biscuits every Saturday morning, garage sales, car drives, movies, Savannah, the 4th of July on the Square, a summer church Bible study, dinner with friends, a beach vacation with family, running a farmers market at our house, doctors and dentist appointments, RENOVATING our house. But on the contrast, laziness, sleeping in, going out to eat, ordering pizza, pajama days, planting flowers, going through change of season clothes.

Well, that about sums up our summer. We have reached this point in our little family of four where we just all love being together. And doing everything together. We don't have babies anymore, we have little people. It's a really big milestone I think and I know we are building up a deep relationship with our kiddos that I think will be most important when they are older and really need us, not just now to tie a shoe =)

I'd like to think that is where our investment in them comes into play bigtime. I make small deposits all day long every day and I have for the past 7 years since I found out I was expecting David. All these little choices and little "insignificant" things I do 24/7  are amounting to when their need is great. They know I am here. For me, that is what I know God has called me to do. I believe He gives each mother a plan.

All that to say our first day of kindergarten went really smooth!
David described his day to me like this,
"I went in. We talked to the flag (the pledge of allegiance), we worked. And I worked real hard. I wasn't wild. And I wasn't bad with Coleston (his bff in the class). I love lunch. I made friends. I really want to go back."

And we all know thats a good thing he wants to go back- poor baby didnt know he doesnt really get an option. The kindergarten I put him in gets out at 1:00. I truly can't tell you how this seems to have been the perfect fit for little man. I did have a few days of tears last week, especially knowing we have almost definitely decided we are not going to have anymore biological children (that's another post), but I became so happy and at peace on Sunday. It all went well and I feel like he is going to thrive. Can you tell his excitement in the last picture?! Here are our summer pics and I will have to catch up on our house renovation. Our deadline is Christmas, people laugh, but we are no joke. We are kicking into a ridiculous gear to finish. Pics.... please excuse the fact these are all pulled off my new phone! I finally joined 2012 and got a samsung galaxy- i love it. And i never have a camera with me now!
  Surfing in Savannah
Roadtrip to Savannah- love this picture of Mackenzie
Became Marietta Regional Distributor for Farmers Market Baskets, my profile pic!
The renovated bathroom we just finished
Doctors appointments! David- 95th percentile, Mackenzie- 10th for weight, 25th for height
Stats have stayed the same for them since birth, i have a big boy and a wee one =)
Davids First Day of Kindergarten, yay buddy we made it =)

Here's to an end of a great great summer! So crazy we moved in May 25. We somehow managed to have a life outside of just the house!

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