I will be back!!!

I was hoping to update all the blogs before I left town, but that did not happen! I am an event planning job in Las Vegas for 7 days, same one I did last year!
Today I let the dishes go- let the blogging go- and didn't even turn the camera on.... I just soaked in my last day before my big trip with my little people =)
And I'm so glad, granted right now I am cleaning like a mad woman while they sleep!!

I have so many pictures of the house, the progress, crazy fall fun times, the new Bible study I just started with my moms group at church, apple picking, and mostly my little man turning 6 this week (we are celebrating when I come home next weekend).

But, It will have to wait.
I fly out in the morning. And, when I come home, Tim leaves a few days later on a company golf trip! So, next week it will be me and my kiddos and me and my computer at night! 

Hope everyone has had a fantastic fall kick-off! Check back next week!

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