Happy Birthday Mackenzie!!

Happy 5th Birthday, Mackenzie! You are our little Christmas gift! I will never forget how fun and crazy it was 5 years ago to have you one week before Christmas. We loved it. It was the year we were the most organized. I had everything ready for Christmas a month before you came. The hospital was all decorated, Santa was roaming the halls, and I got to go home within 24 hours because you were so easy and everything was fine! This year,you spent the day with your grandma and great grandma going shopping and had a girls day! You still hold the title of the only grand DAUGHTER on both sides of the family so you may be a little bit spoiled. We had family over that night for pizza and cake. And then we celebrated with your girlfriends later and had a tea party with dolls. You are so much fun, Mackenzie. You are a really amazing sister and a very caring and thoughtful daughter. Even so young, you put others first and always speak to everyone. We are so proud of you and love you so much!!!

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Jim and Cara Lea said...

Oh this made me a cry a little! :) God is so good and His mercies are new each morning! What a blessing little Z is receiving! Merry Christmas to y'all!!

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