Wrecking Ball Faith

Some days we struggle with feeling so mean. Although every change that has happened to our new son is positive, it is change. His life literally went from one extreme to the other. He has had major transition and the things that he once found security in are gone. He is now being taught to have relationships with people, not objects or himself. He is responding really well, but does have moments of grieving.

We have had to completely go through demolition in his little life. Wipe out the bad habits, behaviors, anti-social tendencies, bad responses, ect. And replace it with all good things. A family, a general education school environment, a home, friends, a schedule, normal meals, and structure. Even though these are all positive changes, they are things being implemented for the first time in 7 years. And whether they are positive or not, they are new. And we have ripped out and done demolition on what he once thought was life. There is a beautiful transition happening in the middle of our construction site with this child.

We know it is for his best interest and he seems to trust that. This story we are living out reminds me so much of our own journey. It has given me great perspective on where people are and the mission we are really on. Our job to love others. Our job to show others Christ. But, in order to do that, you have to meet them in the middle of their mess. To adopt a child you have to take them as is. There isn't a layover place for them. So you either adopt and take them in or you don't.

Why are we so shocked by peoples sin? Why?
Even with my own son right now, would I expect his behavior to be any different than what it is? His behavior can be offensive  to many, but is that surprising? It would be out of David or Mackenzie, but not Z. A child that has never had a family and had severe neglect, isolation, and abuses of different kinds, then institutionalized for 4 years...... would I be shocked by any behavior I see? No.

So, why, why then? Why do we as Christians act shocked, surprised, judgmental, condescending, and better than others? Especially at people who do not have the Lord as their Savior. How is it fair?
Romans 1:28
Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done. 
Let me translate that simply: If they are are not walking with the Lord, their walk will look the opposite of that. People that choose their way have been given over to their will.

They do not have a new heart. So, they are not to be held at the same standards. I cannot hold Z to the same disciplines as I hold my other 2 children at. It's not fair because his eyes are just being opened. He knows no different. But, we can pray for these people and those changes we want. We know that, "the prayers of the righteous avail much." James 5:16. I had a very neat lady that serves as the Special Education director here in our city share that with me about Z. I know I am his biggest advocate. At home, school, and now in his life. And that is what makes us his parents. How much more does our heavenly Father love us, fight for us, and advocate for us?

In the same way, when we see heinous, disturbing, sinful things in the media, celebrities, our neighbors, our spouse, children, or anywhere...... if they have not been transformed and entered a life changing relationship with our Maker, then what right do we even have to speak to that?

To take it one step further, what about the people that do know better? The ones that have claimed to know the Lord, yet live a double life? Let me just tell you I do know this: You are not the one that is going to change their heart, that is the Lords job. If you are unable in a loving way to continue a relationship despite where that person is, I would say the sin falls in your camp. I think there are only a few unsafe situations and those go without saying. It is the Lord who changes hearts and we stand in the gap to speak truth, love, and pray for them.

In the meantime, you will see some peoples life go to shreds. A real life wrecking ball do demolition and watch them loose everything they once had.

Maybe, just maybe, the Lord is tearing down the old, to replace it with something so much better. Isaiah 64:8, But you, O Lord, You are our Father. You are the clay and you are our potter. And all of us the work of your hand.
So, instead of taking a step back from these people, talking about them, thinking they have destroyed their life......

It may be one of the most beautiful things to watch. You may be at the very camp site of where God has set up.  Because sometimes the Lord has to break and clear out the old ways to make a way for what He is going to do and build.

When I see destructive sin, I see an opportunity for the Lord. For us as believers. I am drawn to it. Not out of gossip and fascination, but out of pleading it is the Lords work.

Next time you see caution or crime tape and you naturally don't want to go in, I dare you to cross over anyway. When people do that, lives are changed.
Sometimes a wrecking ball is the very thing we all need.

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