Warehouse and 35 Years.

Today, we went under contract to buy a warehouse in Marietta for our growing small business. We have outgrown working out of our house. We are excited (and honestly I'm a little terrified), but its our first commercial real estate to own! Please pray for our due diligence period and we would close by the end of the year. More importantly, we are celebrating Tim turning 35 this weekend! That's a pretty good present, buying him a warehouse, right?!  Let me start back a minute....
Below is a picture of us the night we were engaged at 21. Tim is the middle of three boys. He had a pretty perfect childhood with an enormous family that I married into and love so much. So many people told us it was a bad idea to date at 18. We were so young. People told us there is no way we would last through college and several times people said to break up and just date other people to just make sure. I've officially known Tim almost half of our lives. We have grown up, changed, and figured out who we were, but thankfully we did it together. When I see the grace of God, I see it in our marriage. We hit the hard stuff after we got married. Pregnant at 23 we became parents. After that, the next 7 years that would test everything we had. We were directly hit by the economy bubble bursting and Tim's awesome construction sales job filed bankruptcy. Tim would go on to cycle through 7 jobs that he increasingly became more miserable at as the economy was at its lowest,. We would have another baby, but also have 5 miscarriages during these years. Then, we would sell everything we had and start over. We would buy a $40k house to renovate and Tim would go back to college to get his HVAC degree. I would clean houses, he would make chainsaw bears, and we would buy and sell anything we could to make it work. I remember being at my lowest and just wanting out of my marriage and to just run away. Through a lot of prayers, literally Jesus as our savior, and a HUGE network of support with family and friends, we held on to Hope that things could only get better. And that meant every day waking up and believing that. And that meant months and years of putting in the work and I truly believe Jesus gave us the strength to be steadfast. Tim is the hardest working guy I know. He is the most honest guy I know. ( He is honest to a fault sometimes which gets him in trouble with me ;). I got to see Tim turn into the man God made him to be. I prayed all these years I could be the wife and woman God wanted me to be. We made it to the other side. Tim not only got his HVAC degree and started the industry almost 7 years ago making $10 an hour ripping out ductwork in attics, but has become a business owner. He worked so hard and passed his state license exam and launched his own HVAC company, Summit Heating and Air, 2 years ago. Tim is high energy, crazy, not afraid of anything, and all his personality tests say he is high risk (with little discernment added in there ;). I told a friend this morning that our life song should be, "Life in the Fast Lane." and I feel as his wife I am either closing my eyes, holding on, or begging him to slow down! It has no doubt been the craziest ride of our life, but I am lucky to be standing by my man. I pray our kids will see Jesus is our rock when we are not and that marriage will truly test the best, worst, sickest, healthiest, highs, lows, and everything in between. Tim, I love you so much and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to do life with you. You truly are my best friend, other half, and there is nothing I won't do for you. Cheers to our roller coaster of growing up, having babies, renovating houses, adopting a special needs child, starting a company, adding onto our house, and now buying a warehouse. My prayer when we got married was that we would be different and life wouldn't be boring. Never doubt God's power and sense of humor!!!! Happy 35th Birthday Timmy!!!

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