Mackenzie's Nursury

I am happy to post that the nursury is finally done!!! It has truly taken me the full 9 months to paint, sew, recover a chair, and learn to wall stencil!!! It has been so fun making a pink room in the house.... and an adjustment....I have been so used to blue and sailboats! I now feel a little more at ease knowing her room is ready for her when we come home from the hospital!


Ashley said...

Oh, I love it! It is so girly! You did a fabulous job on the stencil. Way to go! Super mama!

Brandon and Jamie said...

I love it!!! It is so cute. Mackenzie is going to be so excited when she sees her room!!!

Rachel said...

So adorable! You did a great job! Isn't it fun to have so much pink?

NotQuiteaBride said...

JENN!! It's so gorgeous! You will have to teach me how to recover a chair someday. It's a project that I definitely want to learn.

I cannot wait to see pictures of you and MacKenzie making faces at each other in that big mirror!


Jeff and Kelli Bollman :) said...

Jen - I LOVE the nursery! My favorite part is the wall stencil...you did a great job! I rode back to Birmingham with Nicole yesterday and she said she was planning on hanging out with you on December 23 since Tim had to work! I may bring some lunch up for everyone, if it all works out...don't want to stress you out with everything coming up!!! :) Hang in there...Mackenzie will be here soon!

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