3 Baby Showers in 5 Days!!

Over the top doesn't even begin to describe our family and friends.....they have done so much for us and are so excited for Mackenzie to enter the world!! (Not to mention she is the first girl on both sides!) The moms in my neighborhood, my sister, and my sister in laws all threw a shower for me in the past week! I have pretty much been doing laundry ever since!!! There is not one thing we need for this little girl, everyone has seriously blessed us so much and we cannot thank them enough!
Being pregnant/having a baby around the holidays has been so exciting/crazy!!! As if there is not enough going on with making meals for the holidays and shopping, its been a little crazy trying to prepare for a new family member! With the nursury done and having everything we need, the only things left to do are finish Christmas shopping (3 people left to buy for!), decorate for Christmas this weekend, and finish packing our hospital bags and get the carseat in!! Whew!!! This little turkey might pop out early because of all the running around thats going on!! Here are a few pics from the past week...

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