Coming Unglued

Lets just say after our Thanksgiving that we are thankful that it is over....
It started with me waking up Thanksgiving morning with pink eye, my eyes were pretty much swollen shut!! I caught it from my nephews at the baby shower on Sunday, they had caught it from the church nursury, wahoo. So, being Thanksgiving day, there were lots of options for me....NOT!
It took 3 hours for me to get some stupid eye drops.....apparently its a big deal if you are pregnant to take ANY medications. So, I had to buy this really expensive stuff because every other kind could make the baby be born jaundice, what?! I was pretty miserable the whole day and few days after......and then, to my worst nightmare, David caught it. Its one thing for an emotionally unstable 9 month pregnant woman to have pink eye and not see, but a 2 year old?? I'm sure you can imagine how fun this is!! The best part is trying to put eye drops in his eyes 3 times a day.
Okay, enough negativity, its over and done with. During the middle of all of this last week, I go to the doctor for my weekly visits now! When I showed up, the baby is already weighing in at "well over 6 lbs!" quote from the doctor.... I felt very frantic and asked him what we were going to do!! David was almost 9 lbs and I really don't want to go through all that again! (FYI, the baby gains a pound a week now) So, he left it as though we will repeat everything this Thurs and start making decisions. The last couple of days I've been having contractions every 20 minutes and then they stop. So, we'll see. And also, David was not so great at the last doctors appt, so he is hanging out with Tim's mom during this one. He got a doctors kit for his birthday and so this week he was insistent on wanting to use all the equipment in the doctors office and touching everything!!
Thankful, yes we are still thankful. I just am trying to hold it together on the home stretch here and it doesn't seem to be working!!!


Ashley said...

I know you can do it, Jen! Hang in there. I know it will get better. I'm so sorry you've been so stressed. I'll definitely be praying for you and David to heal and that baby-to-be. Feel better! Lots of love! :)

natalie said...

I feel your pain--well not exactly the pink eye thing--thank God! But I do empathize with the emotionally unstable part!!

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