37 weeks

Whew....is all I can say!! Did I mention being pregnant around the holidays is chaos?!
Well, its great because I am just running on adrenaline!
I had my doctors appt. yesterday...and here's the verdict!!
Baby Mackenzie is a little over 7 lbs, I have gained 25. She's still packing on the weight! I am dilated to 2 cm and 50% effaced. Basically, the doctor said I could go into labor anytime. However, if not, we are going to induce her next Thursday the 18th. Mainly because of her weight...I don't want to end up having a c section because she was too big! Why do we have such large children??!! I don't know...Tim and I were both small babies and kinda small people, its so funny!! David has been in the 95 percentile every doctors appointment since he was born, it really blows my mind.
Anyway, I don't know what's going to happen, but I am excited!! David spent the night with Tim's parents last night to do a "trial run" for when we have to go to the hospital. He did so well over there...it could have something to do with the fact that they gave him some of his Christmas presents early!!! Love grandparents! It was nice because they watched him while I went to the doctor and then Tim took me out on a date!!! We went to dinner and a movie and saw "Four Christmas's" It was a pretty funny movie! It was a nice break to wake up and get some things done around here this morning, I was supposed to be "resting", but instead I steam cleaned our carpets!! Hey, I blame nesting instincts that make pregnant women crazy right before labor....at least we have really clean carpet now!


NotQuiteaBride said...

You are so cute. And totally true about the soaps, I did the same thing, and they looked like poop when I finished.

there are some projects that I want to do myself, but there are others that should be left up to the professionals! God only gave us each certain gifts, and I am all about paying people for using theirs!!!

Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

That is hilarious. You truly are a woman after my own heart :) Haha...

Love your new background too! So festive!!

We are counting down the days until that sweet little girl is here!

Rachel said...

So exciting!!! Jeff and I "make" big babies too! Abigail was 8.3 at 38 weeks! I hope Mackenzie doesn't get too big for you. Can't wait to "meet" her.

Ashley said...

Next Thursday...how exciting!!! At least you'll be out of the hospital in time for Christmas, right? I hope all goes well. I doubt she will be that big. Don't stress! Good luck! :)

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