My Moms Group

I don't think my life would be the same without the moms in my life :) We have lived here for 2 1/2 years and I have found the most amazing friendships with these stay at home moms in our neighborhood. We all have kids about the same age and they have seriously grown up together so far. They are so cute and we all have so much in common. We rotate houses every week for a playgroup and we also get together for parks, storytimes, going out to lunch, tumble tots, or any other random thing we come up with to do!! My favorite is our moms night out when we leave the kiddos :) I really thank the Lord for these women because without them and our sometimes daily support system, I would lose sanity!! They are the type of women that would drop anything they were doing if somebody needed something. Ladies, heres to new recipes, meal ideas for kids, discipline strategies, potty training, trying to keep our houses clean, and our husbands outta trouble :) Love yall!!!

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Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

Too cute. I hope I can find a moms group one day that is as great as yours!

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