38 Weeks

Well, I joyfully went to my last doctors appointment today, Hooray!!! If Miss Mackenzie doesn't decide to come in the next few days....her birthday will be this Thurs, the 18th!
The doctor doesn't think I'll make it until then, but I reminded her I went 41 weeks with David. I am almost dilated to 3 cm and she said I am ready to go into labor. She also said after measuring, the baby hasn't quite hit 8 lbs yet.....geez. We are inducing because of her weight and to be home for Christmas!!! I am very happy just to have a light at the end of the tunnel! Tim still has not packed his hospital bag so I told him today he either packs it this weekend or I do it and pick out whatever I want....I'm thinking I could find some tacky Christmas sweaters! Good grief.


Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

Haha...I would love to see Tim at the hospital in a horrid Christmas sweater. It would make for great pictures!

Brandon and Jamie said...

I can't wait to meet McKenzie!!!

Elisa said...

That's so great... I'll be down the road from yall for the next few weeks. If you need Anything, Let me know. Even if it's just another hand in the house doing whatever, seriously!! And I can cook. So I would love to bring a meal over for yall!

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